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Scandal Recap: "The State of the Union"

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On this week's Scandal, Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) prepared for his State of the Union address. Since there were a lot of forces trying to work against him, Olivia (Kerry Washington) had to get involved to save the speech.

Cyrus (Jeff Perry) emotionally blackmailed Olivia into helping the Grant administration. She had to get a beloved married couple, who were both American heroes, to the President's State of the Union address. They were big proponents of gun control, which was going to be the cornerstone of Fitz's speech.

However, this was a problem because they now hated each other and were abusive. After a corkscrew to the husband’s knee, it looked like they wouldn’t make it. Then, Liv fixed it. She promised to help them save their careers as advocates, by spinning their public divorce if they attended the speech.

Mellie's (Bellamy Young) eccentric grieving was outed by the press. This gave way to a lot of criticism that she had gone crazy. Neither Fitz nor Cyrus could get through to her. She refused to attend her husband’s speech. Abby (Darby Stanchfield), of all people, was able to convince her to do her duty as First Lady.

Fitz bumped into Olivia right before he went on camera to give his address. He got a reluctant Liv to give his speech a look. She made a suggestion which Fitz took. He used the recent death of his son, and Mellie's grief and resilience, to link-back to gun violence and how it needed to end to save more children's lives. It was a hit.

Mellie looked touched that Fitz had said that and it seemed like she may have been getting back to her old self. However, as soon as she got back to the residence she broke down sobbing on the floor.

Fitz, to his credit, rushed in to console her. I really like how Fitz has been supporting her. He'd become a really cruel character over the last season and a half. It's nice to see him be compassionate for a change.

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Lizzie (Portia de Rossi) was upset about the gun control platform and David Rosen's (Joshua Malina) likely confirmation as Attorney General. Cyrus would not give in and supported the President. He also would not give her any face time with the President.

Cyrus was still grieving the loss of his husband. A charming man, played by Matthew Del Negro, hit on him at a bar. Feeling good after Fitz's speech, Cyrus took the man out, and they went to a hotel together.

If, you, too, thought he was prostitute plant, sent by Lizzie to spy, then we were all correct. When the man confessed to being a pro, Cyrus sought to end the would-be dalliance. However, the flirtatious man charmed the unknowing Chief of Staff into seeing him again.

Afterwards, the man, who looked very nice in just his boxer briefs, reported to Lizzie and said he would continue working on coaxing Cyrus into a relationship. She was pleased.

Jake (Scott Foley) was upset David had still not used the B613 files. He was preoccupied trying to get confirmed.

When it looked like Lizzie had stealthily ruined his chances, David used a B613 file to blackmail one of the Congressman who would have opposed his confirmation. David went over to the dark side, but it looked like he would be the next Attorney General.

Other Thoughts and Tidbits:

  • Was anyone else shocked to discover there hadn't yet been a Scandal episode named for some variation of State of the Union? It’s true, I checked.
  • Loved Fitz still not knowing Abby's name and referring to her as “Gabby.”
  • Olivia found out Huck (Guillermo Diaz) and Quinn (Katie Lowes) had been sleeping together and was appropriately grossed out.
  • Olivia and Jake tried to sort out whether or not they were a real couple or just friends with benefits. While that's still up in the air, what is known is that they're still having lots of sex.
  • Jake secretly investigated Harrison's murder.
  • When is Bellamy Young getting her Emmy?

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