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TNT Cancels Dallas


The Ewings will once again be hanging up their spurs. Following three buzz worthy-if-ratings-challenged seasons, TNT has decided to cancel its continuation of the landmark soap opera Dallas.

Linda Gray, who played J.R. Ewing's (the late Larry Hagman) long-suffering wife Sue Ellen tweeted:

Anyone who listens to the Pop Confidential podcast knows we were big fans of TNT's reboot of the classic CBS sudser. Showrunner Cynthia Cidre masterfully drew from David Jacobs and Michael Filerman's original juggernaut serial to fashion new stories for J.R., Sue Ellen, Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and other classic Dallas characters.

Linda Gray tweet

Cidre also proved to be skilled at understanding archetype. Her imaginings of John Ross (Josh Henderson) and Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) continued the devil vs. angel trope originated by Hagman and Duffy on the original series.

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Cidre also managed to keep the Ewing vs. Barnes feud alive and well by giving Cliff (Ken Kercheval)—a born loser on Dallas 1.0—a considerable power base, a ruthless streak to match J.R.'s and a daughter, Pamela (Julie Gonzalo), who was the complete opposite of her saccharine-sweet namesake aunt.

Cidre also created a couple of new families for Dallas 2.0. There were the Rylands — a trucking dynasty headed up by a brothel-running, scenery chewing (in a good way) Judith Light; and the earnest Ramos clan, with As The World Turns alum Jordanna Brewster as Elena, the maid's daughter who was caught between the Ewing cousins. Here's hoping Warner Horizon will shop the series to Netflix, Hulu and/or Amazon.