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Perkie's Observations: The Eye of Franco Catches Sonny and Carly Post-Coitus on General Hospital

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Sam and Patrick head off to Amsterdam. Sam still can't believe Danny's obsession with John Doe. Patrick figures the child was simply feeling sympathy, having spent time in a hospital.

Patrick explains that the patient has had brain surgery in the past, like Jason. Patrick reminds Sam of how terrible a patient Jason was and how all the women make excuses for the deadbeat mobsters.

Sam reminds Patrick that he was a womanizing, sexist pig when he first showed up. Patrick swears he's changed then mentions his divorce papers. Patrick apologizes and promises Sam that their trip is strictly business and promises not to kiss her.

Franco watches as Carly tells Sonny that he's an SOB for almost getting Michael killed. Carly says she wants to be with Franco. Nina tells Franco to stop watching the feed. Franco gives up his phone long enough for them to go to lunch.

Monica comes to check on John Doe's heart and finds Liz in his room. Liz complains about her lack of love life and apologizes for how things ended with AJ.

Monica says she misses AJ every day, but understands why Liz broke up with him. Liz mentions Jason and how they never had their moment and now he's gone.

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Dante explains to Nathan about Luke, but that he's not going to Amsterdam. Nathan offers to go in his place. Dante wonders if Nathan is running away from Maxie.

Nathan explains his possible date, but decides he won't go. Dante tells him that Maxie is looking for someone she can count on and that he should honor the date.

Maxie visits with Lulu and complains how Levi ruined her life. She mentions the kiss she and Nathan shared but that she's not ready to go on a date with him.

Maxie feels she needs to learn from her mistake with Levi, but Lulu says she shouldn't be scared to trust her heart and to go on the date.

Sonny reminds Carly that she gave Michael to him even though she knew how dangerous his lifestyle was. Carly says she has nightmares of when Michael was shot the last time. Sonny reminds her of limo sex and says there is something between them. The two have sex on their son's couch, because that's not totally gross.

Nathan waits a long time for his date, but eventually decides to leave, as Maxie arrives.

After their lunch, Franco gets his phone back and checks the feed only to find Sonny half naked and Carly admitting to having had sex with him all afternoon.

Liz sits with John Doe when he wakes up.