The Rumors Are True: Quirky, Cult Soap Opera Twin Peaks Returns! (VIDEO)


On the heels of Dallas being cancelled for a second time, comes confirmation of the return of another classic primetime soap. Showtime released a video confirming the cabler is bringing back Twin Peaks!

The short-lived serial from David Lynch and Mark Frost originally aired on ABC for 30 episodes during 1990-91. The shocking death of Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee), the most popular girl in Twin Peaks, Washington, was at its center. A pre-Sex And The City and Desperate HousewivesKyle MacLachlan starred as Agent Dale Cooper, alongside a motley crew of odd characters.

Agent Cooper came to Twin Peaks to solve the "Who Killed Laura Palmer?" mystery. However, fans didn't find out who the culprit was until a big screen follow-up. Twin Peaks was one of the most game-changing serials to ever hit television, and a forerunner to shows like The Killing and The Bridge. Lynch and Frost influenced a generation of writers, including Ryan Murphy (Nip/Tuck, Glee, American Horror Story).

Showtime's continuation of the series will begin production in 2015. Lynch and Frost are reportedly setting nine all-new episodes in the present day.

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