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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Will Devon and Hilary's Secret Come Out?


Devon/Hilary: Could their creeping come to light? Lily may be hot on their trail!

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Mrs. Ashby is determined to find out who the mystery woman in Devon's life is. After ducking and dodging Lily's questions—in front of Neil—Devon later flies off to New York City where Hilary is!

Devon feels terrible for being disloyal to Neil. However, he knows his dad's marriage to Hilary would be over if Neil wasn't blind. Devon is ready to put it all on the line to be with Hilary, even if it means estrangement from his family.

Nick/Sharon: The couple's wedding day arrives. Look for fireworks to commence and not the ones to celebrate their joyous occasion.

Billy/Chelsea: Ghosts of their previous relationships continue to haunt the couple. A call about Victoria interrupts a cozy evening for the pair. Chelsea becomes upset over Billy dashing to Victoria's rescue. His actions drive home the point about him still being in love with Victoria.

Billy is able to sweet talk his way out of the doghouse with Chelsea, and the two make love. While the two are snuggled in bed together, Chelsea makes the ultimate faux pas by calling out Adam's name in her sleep!

Jack: Old Smilin Jack's peaceful life crumbles.