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Perkie’s Observations: Sam Invites Patrick Into Her Bed on General Hospital!

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Silas is gobsmacked to see Nina sprinting down the hall and not in her wheelchair. He demands to know the truth. Nina claims she was scared she would lose Silas if he knew she was better. Silas understands, but questions why she was chasing after Franco.

Nina claims Franco was encouraging her to come clean with Silas. She explains they went back and forth on it and she chased after him when he stormed off. Silas says he's happy that she can walk, but remembers the conversation with Sam about someone eavesdropping on the roof.

Sam and Patrick are forced to share the room. Patrick decides he'll sleep on the floor, but after suffering, Sam offers him the other side of the bed.

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Alexis has plans for dinner with Ned which annoys Julian. Julian distracts Alexis with more lovemaking. Later Alexis tells Sam that Julian isn't working for Luke. Sam tells her that Tracy saw them. Alexis slaps Julian, accuses him of lying and declares them finished. Alexis meets Ned for her date.

Judge Walters joins Nathan and Maxie and berates them for seeing each other and for having the nerve to get kidnapped. The judge tells Maxie not to have anything more to do with lying Nathan or he'll rule against her at her next hearing.

Carly is surprised to see Franco at Michael's door. She claims she ran into Sonny there. Franco wants Sonny to know that he and Carly are engaged and that Sonny needs to apologize for kissing Carly.

Sonny's not having it. Franco pretends to call Michael and tell him the truth about AJ. Carly reminds him that he promised he'd keep her secret. Franco says he doesn't have proof and knows it would hurt her so he won't.

Liz is shocked when John Doe mentions the name Jake but then decides that must be his name. She explains about her son and how she lost him, then apologizes for over sharing. Liz hopes he'll get more memories back so that they can find his family.

Maxie wants to get Diane after the judge, but Nathan disagrees. He doesn't want to be the reason she loses Georgie and the two decide to go their separate ways.