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Days of Our Lives' Ken Corday Reveals All


Ever wonder what's going on in the mind of a soap opera executive producer? In an exclusive interview with Daytime Royalty, Days of Our Lives' owner Ken Corday answers some of the burning questions fans have regarding the show.

On DAYS taping so far in advance, Corday said:

I’ll give you an example. On November 6th, a month away, we’ll be taping shows that air April 10th. We are five months ahead from what we’re taping in the studio to what is airing. That’s just the way we’re doing business. We’re making 7 to 8 shows a week, so we are way far ahead. That’s a budgetary consideration. Last week, we taped shows that will air in March. We’re way ahead of fan reaction, so we have to kind of expect fan reaction to be what it is. We have to kind of lead fans to hopefully a new story and do it carefully.

He also fielded questions about exit storylines for popular characters.

The show has had a string of relatively bad exits of major characters over the last several years. Should we be concerned about the upcoming ones?

There’s no disappearance. I kind of take umbrage with “bad exits” and I won’t agree with you on that. That’s disparaging or making light of what we’ve done. Some characters might, like Kristen [Eileen Davidson], vanish into the night, but don’t you think she’ll be back?

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Additionally, Corday hinted at how fan favorites James Scott (EJ) and Alison Sweeney (Sami) will leave Salem.

So the upcoming exits will be handled differently?

It’s always different. Couples leave in different manners, either together or separately. I don’t want to spill the beans on how EJ and Sami leave the show, but it certainly will be addressed in a very clear manner. Things aren’t going to be left hanging.

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