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Perkie's Observations: Puss in Boots Pricks Sabrina's Conscious on General Hospital



Sam has an erotic dream about Patrick while they share the bed. Tracy stops by and asks for time alone with Luke so she can determine if the allegations against him are true. Patrick doesn't trust Luke, but then agrees to Tracy's terms.

Morgan tells Ava that Kiki and Michael are out of town. Ava starts having cramps again and tells Morgan to get the pills from Ava.

Shawn wants to know where Ava is. Jordan claims she doesn't know. Shawn wonders why Jordan gave him the heads up about the hit on Michael.

Jordan claims she owed him for letting her take Ava from him. She says Michael is innocent and doesn't deserve a hit against him.

Sabrina meets with Carlos to ask if he's certain Ava was responsible for the accident since Luke admitted to it to Spencer. Carlos says Ava got him to confess, but both realize she may have been lying.

Sabrina explains that she went after Ava with the pills because she was sure Ava was responsible. Carlos reminds her that she's a good person and not someone who hurts babies. Carlos tells her to make sure Ava hasn't taken the medication.

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Silas fires Rosa now that Nina's no longer wheelchair bound. Rosa is shocked, but Nina wants her to continue working for her, breaking up Michael and Kiki.

Rosa doesn't want to continue the plan so Nina says she'll fire her. Rosa reminds her that she knows all Nina's secrets as she storms off.

Nina wants to keep Rosa on, but Silas doesn't. He questions how long they've kept the secret that she can walk. Nina lies and says a month only.

Nikolas and Spencer meet with Britt and asks her to move back in to Windemere and give them a second chance. Nikolas feels that Britt has proven herself. Britt asks about Liz, but Nikolas says they're done.

Spencer's happy that they're sneaking paid off, but Britt worries that she didn't earn her second chance.

Morgan finds Jordan and gets the pills from her. Later, Shawn warns her that he won't stop looking for Ava. Sabrina calls Jordan who says she's given Ava the pills.

Silas calls Sam and tells her that she may have been right about Nina.

Rosa wants to discuss things with Morgan, who's in a hurry to get the pills to Ava. Both find Ava in distress.