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Cynthia Cidre on Dallas Post-Cancellation: "There Are a Lot of Possibilities"

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Cynthia Cidre is still holding out hope that Dallas will put on its Stetson and ride again on another cable network.

In an interview with Yahoo TV, Cidre talks about the shocking season three finale cliffhanger, the loss of Dallas' two biggest cheerleaders at TNT, fan's campaign to #SaveDallas and whether or not the primetime soap could end up on another cable network.

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After AMC canceled The Killing for the final time, Netflix picked it up for one season, which at least provided an opportunity to wrap up storylines. Is that a possibility for Dallas?

I wish that were the case, because that was absolutely everybody's first thought, but unfortunately I don't believe that our foreign deals allow that. A streaming service is not compatible with our foreign deals, unfortunately, because those deals are all very profitable, and the rest of the world loves Dallas. So I think we're looking at cable. There's CMT, there's Reelz, there's WGN, there are a lot of possibilities.