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Bold and Beautiful's Linsey Godfrey on Ridge and Caroline 2.0 "It's Like Getting to Go to The Big Kid's Table"

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Is Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) his stepbrother's keeper? Maybe not, but to borrow from another biblical passage, the psychologically-blocked fashion mogul definitely appears to be coveting Rick's (Jacob Young) beautiful, young wife on CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful!

I recently caught up with Linsey Godfrey, the actress who portrays Caroline Spencer Forrester, Jr.—the designing woman at the center of Ridge and Rick's latest war—for a lengthy chat on her character's surprising new romantic and career opportunities. What did the new mom think when she first heard of the plot twist currently playing out on the international hit sudser?

"I was so excited," said Godfrey. She was chilling at the beach with boyfriend Robert Adamson, who plays Noah Newman on B&B's sister soap, The Young and the Restless, and their baby daughter, Aleda Seren Adamson, when we spoke via telephone. "Brad [Bell, B&B's showrunner] emailed me while I was still on maternity leave [Aleda was born on June 12] and kind of posed the idea to me, to see how I felt about it, and I was so excited. It's like getting to go to the big kid's table. You know? I'm getting to work with Thorsten and Heather Tom. I loved the idea."

One of Godfrey's favorite scenes early in her tenure at B&B had her character bonding with Ridge, then played by Ronn Moss. The playboy dressmaker became extremely emotional after meeting the niece and namesake of his late wife Caroline (Joanna Johnson).

"I thought that was such a lovely scene to do with Ronn," she recalled. "Thorsten brings a whole other edge to Ridge, that is different from Ronn, so I was excited for the opportunity to do Caroline 2.0 and Ridge again."

Caroline and Ridge's recent reconnection happened as a result of the veteran fashion house auteur losing the ability to draw, following being thrown from a helicopter into the Persian Gulf.  Since that time, Ridge, who specializes in couture, has only been able to create with the help of ready-to-wear upstart Caroline. Did I forget to mention Caroline is married to Ridge's stepbrother, Rick Forrester (Jacob Young), who is at war with his eldest sibling over control of their family's luxe dynasty?

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Rick's wifey has always had her hubby's back at Forrester Creations. Will her intense new bond with Ridge cause a shift in Caroline's loyalties?

"I think you'll see, not so much of a shift, but a struggle, kind of an inner struggle with her," previewed Godfrey. "Rick is her husband, whom she loves and supports. Ridge is her mentor, someone she looks up to, an idol to her. "

Watch for Caroline to be torn over where her loyalties should lie. "I think, them both [Ridge and Caroline] being artists, and him not being able to do something he loves, something that makes him who he is...she feels for him. She can't not help him," explained the actress.

Will Caroline's empathy actually turn into something else? "I don't know!" Godfrey said with an infectious giggle. "You're just going to have to see how it all plays out. Ridge and Rick have such a long-standing history of not getting along. It makes for a very interesting conflict."

One person who definitely believes there is more going on between Ridge and Caroline than sketching, is Maya Avant. Godfrey is thrilled to be mixing it up with on screen rival Karla Mosley again.

"I love working with Karla," she gushed. "I love playing her rival. Some of the most fun I've had has been playing the stand-off between Caroline and Maya over Rick. I love the way Karla has chosen to play Maya as a very strong person. Even when Caroline is giving her best, Maya never backs down. She never wavers. Even if the dialogue calls for it, Karla chooses not to make Maya afraid of Caroline, and I love that. They have developed a very interesting relationship. They respect each other even though they hate one another."

Will Caroline manage to maintain a similar grudging respect with Ridge's fiancée, the very formidable Katie Logan Spencer?

"Caroline may not be ready for Katie, but Linsey is so excited for that," said Godfrey. "Heather Tom is just a powerhouse as an actress. You know, I joked with her around Emmy time. I asked her if she'd won, would they give her a Super Emmy. She jokingly said they'd have given her a life-size one!"