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Guess Which Daytime Shows Republican and Democratic Campaigns Are Targeting

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Midterm election day is rapidly approaching and with it the struggle for control of the halls of power in Washington D.C.. Bloomberg recently did a study of which TV shows Democrat and Republican campaigns prefer to buy ad time during. It turns out soap operas, talk shows, game shows, judge shows and morning shows are favorite targets.

While both sides spend dollars on all the shows mentioned, each has its preferences.

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According to Bloomberg, Democratic campaigns spend more heavily on daytime's Judge Mathis, The People's Court, The Steve Harvey Show, The Talk, General Hospital, Judge Judy and The Bold and the Beautiful.

Republican campaigns are more likely to shell out the big bucks for Saturday and Sunday editions of The Today Show, the Sunday edition of Good Morning America and The Price is Right.

Do any of these preferences surprise you? Visit Bloomberg to see their full Top 10 ranking.