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Perkie's Observations: Tracy Buys Jerry's Story on General Hospital

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Jerry wonders what Tracy would be willing to give him in exchange for Luke. Patrick warns Tracy not to negotiate with Jerry. However, Tracy now believes that Jerry is Julian's secret partner and not Luke. Jerry says he wants ELQ, but Tracy says it isn't hers to give.

Liesl demands to know what Magda's not telling her about Nina. However, Nathan arrives before any secrets are spilled. Nathan gets angry to see Magda out of prison. She says her cases were dropped and she's here to make amends.

Nina bumps into Britt, who asks about counseling. Nina says she doesn't need it because she got a second opinion and it's none of Britt's business.

Spencer's thrilled that Britt will be moving back in. He talks of missing his mother, even though he never knew her. Nikolas feels he can now count on Britt. Spencer asks if she'll stay forever this time.

The plastic surgeon removes Jason's bandages and he wonders if Liz recognizes him, but she doesn't. Nor does anything come back to him when he looks in the mirror.
Dante scans Jason's fingerprints and thinks he's gotten a match.

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Britt lets Brad know she's moving back in with Nikolas and hopes he never finds out that she was plotting with Spencer. Later Britt thanks Nikolas for giving her a second chance and promises things will be different.

Nathan yells at Magda to leave, but she says she's homeless, that Nina controls all the money since she woke up.

Silas confronts Nina about never actually needing the wheelchair and for lying the entire time. Nina claims she wanted to reconnect with him and that he should have welcomed her.
Silas says he'll never forgive her for breaking him. Sam and then accuses Nina of being the eavesdropper on the roof. Nina finally admits it, but says she was trying to save her marriage. Silas tells her that they are finished.

An orderly contacts Helena and gives her an update on Jason's condition. Helena tells him to keep an eye on things and let her know if Jason starts to remember.

Tracy explains that Michael is head of ELQ and that she only hold nine percent, but thinks she can get more from the other shareholders. Jerry accepts the nine percent, but Tracy wants to know where Luke is. Jerry says she'll get Luke back once he has her stock certificates.

Patrick reminds Tracy that the undercover and Spencer both heard Luke's voice. Tracy feels Jerry would have forced Luke to do it. Tracy won't risk Luke's life and will give Jerry all he wants.

Dante tells Liz and Jason that there was a match, but it was a mistake and that they don't know who Jason is.

Jerry tells Helena that Tracy bought the story. Helena tells him that she managed to remove Jason's file before Dante matched the prints.