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Is EJ DiMera Really Dead on Days of Our Lives?


Salem U.S.A is mourning the loss of the devilish Brit who both enthralled and terrorized its citizens for the past eight years, but did Elvis DiMera (James Scott) truly just ascend to Soap Heaven on Days of Our Lives?

Mere days after reuniting with his beloved wife Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney), EJ was gunned down in the woods. The cold-blooded murder followed a brief, tense confrontation with Salem's latest Big Bad, Clyde Weston (James Read).

When the dapper mobster punched his new business associate, one of Clyde's henchmen busted a cap in EJ at close range. Soon after, Sami found the man she loved bleeding out on the forest floor.

What followed was a gutsy move for a daytime drama. EJ died in Sami's arms, on screen. No presumption of death following a plane or car crash. No falling off the docks into murky waters, allowing for a quick explanation as to why EJ is really alive and well a year or two from now, should Scott want to return, or the soap decide to recast the integral role. For all intent and purposes, it looked like EJ was dead — until his relatives got involved.

EJ's omnipotent, megalomaniac father Stefano DiMera (Joe Mascolo) broke down over the demise of his son from exile in Europe. Stefano had only recently disowned Elvis, after learning his most beloved offspring betrayed him. EJ's big sister Kristen (Eileen Davidson) also took the news hard.

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Kristen managed to get her bearings long enough to head over to the morgue to give EJ's corpse a mystery injection — at their father's behest. Was Kristen perhaps giving EJ a dose of the same drug which brought DiMera family nemesis John Black (Drake Hogestyn) out of coma?

The wild, fun, sci-fi scene recalled the late James E. Reilly's out there DAYS moments, and gave EJ fans hope. But is EJ really still alive in Italy with Stefano, or merely able to be buried there with his "familia", as Stefano claimed he wanted?

Sami and her loved ones believe that ginormous urn Marlena (Deidre Hall) brought into the DiMera mansion parlor contains EJ's remains. Would Stefano have really instructed Kristen to move so quickly, simply to trick his daughter-in-law out of possession of her husband's remains? Or, will the Salemites one day be experiencing Elvis sightings worthy of the weekly grocery store tabloids? I am definitely hoping for the latter.