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Perkie's Observations: Jason Comes to Liz's Defense on General Hospital

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Brad drops off Jason's latest lab results and takes pleasure in telling Liz that Britt is back in Nikolas's bed. Jason isn't happy with Brad's tone and tells him to apologize to Liz.

Sonny reminds Shawn that they still need to find someone to blame for Franco's murder. Carly arrives, angry that Michael is returning from the island so soon. Sonny tells her  he reached out to Julian and has doubled the security for Michael.

Sonny says Carly is scared of Franco and what he can do to their relationship with Michael — that's the only reason she's marrying him. Carly claims she loves Franco and everything will be fine once they're married.

Nina wants Rosalie's help in stoping Silas from ending their marriage. She wants her to take the blame and say the plan was all her idea. Rosalie refuses. Nina threatens to expose her dirty secret.

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Rosalie counters she knows where Ava is. She'll tell Nina if her ex-boss drops any mention of her secret.

Franco uploads the footage of Carly and Sonny having sex to a smart TV in the GH  conference room. Silas finds him and asks how long he's been covering for Nina. Franco blames Silas for the way Nina is behaving. He tells him about her list.

Britt has a nightmare about Nikolas knowing she's still a lying liar who lies.

Jordan checks in on Jason. She says she was the one who hit him. After she leaves, Jason tells Liz he remembers hearing someone talking to him after he was hit, but it wasn't Jordan's voice. Liz points out Jordan wouldn't admit to causing an accident if she hadn't done it.

Ava's grateful to Morgan for helping her out. He wants to protect her and the baby. Ava endures more pain. Morgan calls Britt for advice. Britt tells him to bring Ava to the hospital.

Sabrina finally gets a hold of Jordan. She admits she gave her the wrong medicine for Ava.

Michael and Kiki return. He says he had to come back to meet with the ELQ board. He wants to create a free medical clinic on the waterfront in AJ's name.

Jordan calls Ava with the information about the medication. Ava tells Morgan she's going into labor.