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Perkie's Observations: Nina's Brand of Crazy Further Exposed on General Hospital

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While planning Carly's wedding, Maxie complains to Lucas and Bobbie about the judge's orders. Carly arrives so Maxie asks about Michael's presence at the wedding.

Carly defends Franco's actions again. Maxie accuses her of only trying to save him, despite everyone else's' hatred for him. Bobbie breaks up the arguing and brings up that Joss is trying on a dress. Joss walks out in her corn outfit.

Shawn and Sonny continue to plot Franco's murder. The Zacchara's and Joey Limbo's crew are no longer options so they wonder who else they can pin it on.

Franco wants the same close relationship with Michael that Sonny has. Franco praises Sonny and how he didn't retaliate against AJ. Franco asks Michael to be his best man.

Michael asks about Scott, but Franco says he can't have Scott stand up for him because it will remind Carly of what Heather did to her. Franco says Carly would be so happy to have Michael do it, so Michael agrees.

Ava says Sabrina gave her the wrong medications. Kiki wants to take Ava to the hospital, but she refuses. Morgan offers to have Britt make a house call, but Ava thinks Sonny is watching Britt for that reason. Kiki decides to get Silas.

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Magda tries to convince Nathan that Nina is a liar. She says Nina was spoiled and prone to mood swings and violence, including pushing her down the stairs. Nathan never saw this side of Nina and doesn't want to believe it.

Magda says she tried to have Nina committed which is why she ran off with Silas.

Nina throws Rosa under the bus and tries to claim it was all her idea to use the wheelchair. Silas brings up the money and how she also lied about being broke.

Nina reminds Silas that she put him through med school and he still cheated with Ava. She's angry that he wasn't there while she was in her coma and that when she found him in PC, he was with Sam.
Nina rambles off the names of those on her list and Silas realizes that the list has some meaning. Silas promises he'll make things right and suggests they see a shrink. Nina tells him that Britt already suggested that, but she refuses to do it.

Sabrina admits to Felix what she did to Ava because she wanted revenge on her. Felix figures Sabrina is still grieving, but she still worries about how many pills Ava may have taken.

Joss announces that she won't be attending the wedding, but will be trick or treating instead. She claims she doesn't want a stepfather and certainly doesn't want Franco. Maxie and Lucas carry Joss off to try her dress. Bobbie reminds Carly that it isn't too late to change her mind.

Kiki finds Silas unconscious in his apartment.

Nina shows up at Nathan's and finds Magda.

Franco pays Heather a visit, as Sonny tells Shawn they should pin his murder on his mother.