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Perkie's Observations: LSD Psychic Olivia Warns of Knife-Wielding Heather on General Hospital

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Franco tells Heather all about Carly's indiscretion with Sonny and that he wants her at his wedding. Heather feels she won't be allowed a day pass, but Franco has a plan.

Sonny and Shawn continue to plan Franco's murder and Heather's frame up.

Olivia accuses Carly of lusting after Sonny and is surprised to hear that Carly and Franco are getting married. Olivia has a vision of Heather with a large knife, as Sonny arrives.

Olivia is certain that the premonition will come true and that Heather will kill someone. Sonny promises Olivia not to worry, because Carly's wedding won't happen.

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