The Young and the Restless Spoilers: What Does Joe Clark Want?

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Stitch/Ashley: Has the ex-doctor moved on from Victoria? After a heart-to-heart with his new boss, Stitch kisses Ashley!  Is it Ash's new perfume that inspired Stitch to give her a buss, or is there more to their new relationship than developing a mysterious fragrance?

Dylan/Avery/Joe: Just when the war hero should be celebrating finally taking down Ian Ward, a new foe has arrived. Will Joe steal both Dylan's business and his woman?

Devon/Hilary: The two continue their affair. As Devon and Hilary resume their scandalous relationship, Hiliary and Lily decide to put their differences aside for Neil's sake. Just what will Mrs. Ashby think of her stepmom cheating with her brother?

Phyllis: Red decides to do things her way.