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Perkie's Observations: Julian and Ned Come to Blows Over Alexis on General Hospital

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Tracy returns from Amsterdam and fills Lulu and Dante in on what happened with Jerry. Lulu wants to know where Luke is. Tracy tells them that Jerry wants ELQ.

Tracy tells them Michael is the majority share holder and they need to convince him to give his shares to Jerry.

Patrick and Sam let Alexis know, but that they don't believe Jerry's version of the story. Alexis feels she needs to warn Ned about Jerry wanting the company.

Dr Obrecht introduces herself to Jason and questions his insurance situation which angers Liz. Liz and Liesl argue. After she leaves Liz explains Liesl to Jason.

Liz explains what happened with Faison shooting Jason and that it's the two year anniversary of his death.

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Julian prints an article about Ned and Monica. He shows up at the Quartermaine mansion and warns Ned to leave Alexis and leave town. When Ned refuses, The two start to wrestle. Alexis arrives and demands to know what is going on.

Kiki tells Morgan about Michael's suspicions and Morgan believes it's possible Ava was responsible. Kiki doesn't and worries what will happen to Michael if he finds the truth about Sonny.

Michael meets with Anna and tells her about Carlos recanting his confession. Anna promises to look into it.

Danny calls Patrick "daddy" so Sam shows him Jason's picture to remind him. Sam tells Patrick how she feels she hasn't had closure.

Liesl confronts Anna about Victor. Liesl claims she was acting in self defense of Nathan.

Tracy tells Ned that she needs his help.

Olivia tells Dante about her vision and asks him to check on Heather.

Michael tells Kiki and Morgan that he's determined to find Ava.