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Perkie's Observations: Carly Has a "New" BFF on General Hospital

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Jerry calls Tracy. Lulu answers the phone and issues a warning about her father.

Tracy tells Jerry she has 15 percent of ELQ to give him, in exchange for Luke. She tells him Ned is holding out.

Jerry asks to speak to Tracy's son. He threatens Brook Lynn. Ned informs Jerry he has a team of ex-WSB operatives protecting his daughter as she tours Europe. Jerry sends an assistant to pick up the stock Tracy has acquired.

Nina is still looking for Ava. She's upset with her mother over her lack of help.

Franco runs into Nina and Madeline and gets a frosty greeting from Mrs. Reeves. Nina asks him not to divulge where she is, because of what she did to Silas.

Nina asks about the wedding; Franco wants to keep her in the dark for her protection. Nina admits she has her own plans as well. Franco gives Nina an invitation, but she claims she'll be too busy to attend.

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Carly comes across Jason in Franco's studio. She wonders if she knows him from somewhere. She introduces herself, which doesn't jog his memory. Carly discusses Franco, then her "dead" best friend Jason. Carly mentions the affair with Sonny, then apologizes for over-sharing to a stranger.

A newly-brunette Ghost Connie pays Sonny a visit in the Q crypt. She asks if he's going to kill Ava. Sonny admits he will. Connie asks about killing Franco. Sonny justifies his actions. Connie claims he wants Carly. Sonny admits he loves her.

Rosalie runs into Michael. He tells her his suspicions about Ava. Michael mentions Kiki doesn't know where Ava is. Rosalie is about to tell him about Ava, when Madeline arrives.

Kiki tells Ava about Michael's interest and Sabrina's connection. Ava swears she didn't cause Sabrina's accident.
Ava thanks Kiki for not spilling the beans to Michael. They hope Rosalie won't either.

Madeline wants answers from Rosalie regarding Ava's whereabouts. Rosalie wonders why Madeline wants to help Nina take Ava's baby. Madeline brings up Rosalie's secret.

Ned doesn't want Tracy to give up the shares. Lulu agrees they can't take Jerry's word. Tracy gives them up.

Madeline tells Nina she knows where Ava is.

Michael finds Sonny in the crypt.

Rosalie shows up at the brownstone.

Jerry tells Tracy her husband is on her terrace.