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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Phyllis is Making Power Moves!

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Spending a year in a coma hasn't mellowed Red one bit! Phyllis wants payback! Who will she target first?

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Phyllis vs. Her Rivals: Phyllis makes a beeline for Sharon. She wants deets about the night she fell. Prepare to be shocked by who she blames for her tumble. Meanwhile,  Kelly better hope her stint working in grief counseling prepared her for head games.

Victor/Nikki/Maureen/Stitch: The Black Knight begs his lady love to confide in him. Will Nikki admit to being back on the sauce? Nikki's drinking buddy Maureen has been keeping secrets. Just who was responsible for her late husband's death? Watch for Stitch to make a confession, unaware that Nikki is hiding in his mom's room.

Ashley: She starts to try out her new fragrance.

Lily/Hilary: Mrs. Ashby starts to snoop. Will she learn what her stepmother has been up to. Also, look for Lily to be the object of a surprising man's attention.