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Justin Hartley Spills The Tea on Adam's Young and Restless Return

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The Young and the Restless fans have wondered what presumed dead Adam Newman (Justin Hartley) has been up to with his Peeping Tom act, for almost a year.  Why has Victor's (Eric Braeden) black sheep son been content to spy on wife Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) and their son, Connor?

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TV Guide Magazine'sMichael Logan got the 411 from Hartley himself. Read a few excerpts below!

TV Guide Magazine: What brings Adam out of hiding?

Hartley: [His wife] Chelsea finds the surveillance cam he put in their son's nursery and she disables it. Now he can no longer be a creeper. He can't spy on his family anymore so, even though he's not fully recovered from his accident, he must get back to town quickly, especially after he hears Chelsea talking about Billy moving in. The control freak in him can't stand it. So, basically, Adam had a five-step plan to get back his life that would have played out over the course of a couple of years, but now he's jumping right to Step 5.

TV Guide Magazine: We'll see that Adam is still in weak physical shape, so clearly he didn't personally put the surveillance camera in the penthouse. So who did? Does Adam have minions?

Hartley: He seems to have a little army, which means he's still got his hands on some cash. I'm assuming these people don't work for free.

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