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Perkie's Observations: Nina and Madeline Plan Tricks and Treats For Ava on General Hospital

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Ned discovers the man Jerry Jacks deposited on the Quartermaine patio is his father, Lord Larry Ashton, not Luke. Lulu and Tracy questions where Luke is. Larry figures he was drugged in order to be brought to the mansion.

Ned reminds Tracy he warned her about trusting Jerry. Tracy claims Jerry is messing with the wrong person, then receives a text from him.

Madeline tells Nina that Ava is staying with Kiki. She says they should wait until Ava gives birth in a couple of weeks.

Rosalie tells Ava that Nina is looking for her. Ava accuses her of telling Nina where she is.

Rosalie swears she never told Nina anything, but warns Nina is after her. Ava wants to find someplace else to stay. Kiki promises she's safe.

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Shawn has Heather locked up in a warehouse. She wonders when Franco plans on picking her up. Shawn asks for more information. Heather clams up. Later, Shawn calls Sonny with an update.

Franco catches Carly talking to Jake about her ex. Carly lies and says she was talking about Jax, not Sonny.

Carly asks about the Haunted Star. Franco feels it's the perfect place to get married, because he wants to show how much he's changed since they first met there. Franco mentions there may be another video he wants her to see.

Michael finds Sonny in the Quartermaine crypt. The two talk about Jason and how he's been gone for two years.

Michael wants to deal with the person who murdered AJ. Sonny tells him the law took care of it.

Michael says Carlos may not be the guilty party. He wants to find Ava and asks Sonny's help.

Michael tells Sonny he's be Franco's best man. He mentions he wishes his parents would get back together instead.

Jason and Liz have another run in with Dr. Obrecht. Then the two discuss Franco and Carly. Jason decides he wants to get out of the chair and climb the stairs. Liz helps him.

Dr Obrecht is annoyed to find Madeline and Nina still in her office. She mentions a nurse almost accidentally causing a patient to go into premature labor. After she leaves, Nina decides her mother will write a new prescription.