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New York Times on The View Jumping Divisions: "The Decision Could Have Financial Implications For ABC News"


That sound you hear could very well be the budget of what's left of ABC Daytime shrinking, as The View moves over to the news division.

In its report on the long-running talk show jumping from ABC Daytime to ABC News' “nonfiction programming group”, the New York Times points out how profitable the shift could be for the news arm.

From the report:

The decision could have financial implications for ABC News, which will add the profitable talk show to its budget. But at the same time the show will not be limited by the regulations that are in effect in the news division. Deals can be made to land guests, for example, something that would be forbidden at the news division.

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I wouldn't be surprised to see increased cross-promotion between ABC Daytime's General Hospital and The Chew in the coming months.  Back in 2012, when ABC News was doing everything it could to snatch GH's timeslot for that abysmal Good Morning America spinoff, Good Afternoon America, ABC-D decided to ramp up their synergistic efforts.

With former newsman Ben Sherwood now president of the Mouse House's broadcast channel, I also wonder if there will be a push for GH to start telling topical, ripped-from-the-headlines arcs.

We've already witnessed this shift on The View this season, and the chatfest's new corporate siblings are Surgeon Oz and NY Med, both reality series about real-life doctors.

Granted, GH isn't the show that now falls under ABC News, but they all report to Sherwood. If you recall, a few years ago, ABC was developing a docusoap project entitled The Real General Hospital.

Variety, which broke news of ABC News taking over The View had this to say about the current situation at ABC Daytime:

The shakeup poses many questions about what sources describe as dysfunction inside ABC Daytime, which was folded into ABC’s entertainment division in 2011, and has a sparse plate that includes an upcoming Tyra Banks talk show, “The Chew” and “General Hospital.” One of the chief recent disappointments was “Katie,” the much-hyped Katie Couric 2012 talk show that hemorrhaged millions and was axed after two seasons.

Photo credit: Disney-ABC