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Perkie's Observations: Ava and Her Womb Are in Peril on General Hospital

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Morgan tells Ava a car was watching the house. The driver left when he or she saw him.

He decides he won't go to the wedding. Kiki wants to stay as well, but everyone else feels she should go, as Franco's only friend.

Ava worries Sonny is the one after her. Silas reminds her she has a long list of enemies. Silas promises to stay with her.

Madeline updates Nina that Ava is still at the brownstone. Silas spent the night there. Nina becomes livid and decides she'll kill Ava and Silas.

Madeline reins her in. She reminds Nina that Ava just had a health scare, which is likely  why Silas is there.

Nina decides she won't murder anyone today. She plans on inducing labor by giving Ava oxytocin. Nina decides she needs to get rid of Silas before she can get to Ava.

Shawn updates Sonny about Heather and is given the go ahead to get rid of Franco. Jordan overhears and thinks he has the go ahead to kill Ava.

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Shawn claims he doesn't know where Ava is. The two argue about TJ. Jordan threatens to tell her son the truth about Shawn and TJ's father. Shawn feels she won't say anything, since it will make her look bad as well.

Anna questions Sonny about his plan to murder Ava. Sonny claims he's innocent and wants to know who told Anna his plans. Anna remembers Jordan telling her but refuses to disclose her source.

Anna accuses Sonny of wanting to kill Ava after the baby is born. She warns she'll be on him if he does. Anna tells Sonny that Michael thinks Ava is responsible for AJ's death.

Michael checks in with Carly before the wedding. He tells her he's agreed to be Franco's best man.

Michael gives her his theory that Ava killed AJ. He asks  if AJ told her anything on his deathbed.

Carly tells Michael to leave it alone.  Michael is determined to make the killer pay.

Mr. Beach tells Franco he was assaulted and Heather is gone. He feels she had help from outside.

Franco wonders who else would want Heather out. He orders his henchman to find Heather.

Kiki stops by to give Franco a gift, monogramed cuff links. She tells Franco he's a good friend and person.

Morgan pays Sonny a visit.

Shawn shows up at Franco's door with a gun.