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Wishful Casting: Tyra Banks as a Newly-F.A.B. Keesha Ward on General Hospital


If you can't beat 'em, wishful cast 'em! As one lucrative talk show featuring a stable of female hosts leaves ABC Daytime for newsier pastures, the Mouse House is hoping Tyra Banks's upcoming syndicated show, The F.A.B, will be a hit for the struggling division.

Since the glamazon's new show won't debut until next fall, why not have General Hospital go ahead and cozy up to their new corporate cuz by offering Banks a juicy, heavily-promoted guest spot? I'm not talking about some rinky dink little cameo with Ty-Ty playing a doctor like Katie Couric did. I'm saying give Banks a plum role straight from the pages of GH's story bible. Why not bring her on as Quartermaine family friend-with-benefits, Keesha Ward?

For fans who weren't watching back in mid-90's, Keesha is the granddaughter of songbird-turned-social worker Mary Mae Ward (the late Rosalind Cash), whom Edward (the late John Ingle) fathered illegitimate son Bradley with.  Keesha came to town along with Mary Mae and her cousin Justus (The Cosby Show's Joseph C. Phillips), who turned out to be Edward's grandson.

Keesha, however, was no relation to the Qs and therefore could bang half-brothers Jason (then-Steve Burton) and AJ (Sean Kanan; Billy Warlock) with abandon! With Jason (now played by Billy Miller) alive and well and AJ dead times two, now is the perfect time for Keesha to pay a visit to Port Chuck.

Imagine how hot Killer Miller would be in scenes opposite Banks. A provocative clip with the two reminiscing on how Keesha popped Jason's cherry 20-odd years ago would go viral. Joel McHale at The Soup is obsessed with Tyra vids!

Keesha could follow her daughter, Alana, back to Port Charles, desperate to keep the young woman's paternity from her. Picture an angry, biracial, 20-something learning AJ—the father she never knew—was murdered by the mobster who raised her new half-brother.

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Keep reading for a second F.A.B Wishful Casting on Page 2!

Sal Stowers

Sal Stowers, the breakout actress who played Angie's (Debbi Morgan) daughter on Prospect Park's short-lived reboot of All My Children could play Alana, who sticks around town, giving her F.A.B. mom a reason to pop in for visits!

Speaking of The F.A.B, what if, while in town, Keesha realizes Port Charles is desperately lacking the kind of social services her grandmother once provided? When she learns of Michael's (Chad Duell) plans to create a free-clinic in AJ's honor, Keesha could decide to buy the lot next to it and open a young women's empowerment center for Alana to run called, wait for it, The F.A.B!

Of course, on the opening night of The F.A.B, a dayplayer drug dealer, ticked at Michael and Keesha for taking over his prime, crack-selling real estate, would show up and open fire, as Shawn (Sean Blakemore) risks his life—and Jordan's (Vinessa Antonine) jealous wrath—to save the damsel in distress.

Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) to Keesha (Tyra Banks): Has anyone ever told you, you should model?

What do you guys think? Should Frank Valentini extend a F.A.B. invention to Tyra Banks? Sound off in the comments!