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Perkie's Observations: Heather Gets The Upper Hand on General Hospital

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Shawn decides he'd rather spend 20 minutes explaining to Franco why he's going to kill him, rather than simply pulling the trigger. Franco points out Carly will hate Sonny, but Shawn is gracious enough to explain how they're setting Heather up for the fall.

Jordan stumbles across Heather while looking for Shawn. Heather's not happy to learn Shawn works for Sonny and not Franco.

Morgan confronts Sonny about killing AJ. Sonny eventually admits it.

Sonny begs Morgan not to tell Michael. Morgan agrees, as long as Sonny stays away from Ava. Sonny refuses. Morgan demands to know why Sonny wants Ava dead. Sonny tells him Ava killed Connie.

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At the Haunted Star, Kiki tells Michael that Morgan is sick and won't be coming. Michael's annoyed he's stuck at the wedding and his brother isn't.

Spencer lets it slip Franco knew he was hiding out in Carly's house and why. Silas is concerned about Nina. He explains to Ava what went wrong with Sam.

Sam asks Brad for Danny's lab results. Madeline manages to change the results to show Danny's leukemia is back. Sam tearfully calls Silas. Ava tells Silas to go.

Heather calls Shawn and shows him photos of Jordan bound and gagged. Apparently Jordan can take out an armed guard with a swift kick to the head, but wasn't able to fight off 60-year-old Heather. Although, seeing idiot Shawn all flumoxed at Jordan trussed up in bubble wrap gave me a hearty chuckle.

Franco heads to the Star for his wedding.

Shawn heads to the warehouse to save Jordan, only to have both of them locked up by Heather.

Nina confronts Ava.