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Wishful Casting: Sarah Brown as Dr. Jennifer Foster on The Young and the Restless


Poor Faith Newman (Alyvia Alyn Lind). The little girl's entire short existence has been filled with dysfunction and chaos on CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless.

Faith's bipolar, recovering kleptomanic mother Sharon (Sharon Case) wasn't sure which of three men fathered her at first. Her Uncle Adam (Justin Hartley) faked her death to give her to then-stepgrandmother Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson). Her dead sister's doppelganger tried to boink her father and now it's looking like her parents won't be living happily ever after—courtesy of former stepmother Phyllis (Gina Tognoni)—which is all little Faith ever wanted!

If anyone could benefit from a session with a child psychologist, it's Faith, which is why I think Y&R should bring on the legacy character of Jennifer Foster as a renowned kid shrink played by soap opera super vet Sarah Brown!

For newer Y&R viewers, Jennifer Foster is the daughter of one of the soap's first big supercouples, Dr. Snapper Foster (David Hasselhoff) and Chris Brooks (Trish Stewart). She is named for her grandmother, Jennifer Brooks (Dorothy Green), matriarch of Genoa City's original first family.

What if Faith starts exhibiting signs of mental illness, due to all of the toxic drama caused by the adults in her life? After seeing her disturbing drawings of blood and gore, Faith's Walnut Elementary School guidance counselor recommends professional psychiatric help for the little girl. Sharon would be devastated, fearing she's passed on her mental woes to the child.

Nick (Joshua Morrow), however, takes a proactive approach. Proving he's Victor Newman's (Eric Braeden) son, he sets out to find the absolute best child psychologist working in the country.

Cut to the Chancellor Mansion, where a ring of the doorbell has Jill (Jess Walton) and Esther (Kate Linder) typically arguing about who is going to answer it. Frustrated again by the manor's maid not knowing her place, Jill storms off to open it. Standing on the front stoop she finds her beloved niece, Jennifer!

Jill is absolutely  thrilled to find her brother Snapper's all-grown-up daughter in town for a visit. Jen explains she's speaking at a cognitive behavior therapy convention held at the Athletic Club. Jill remarks what a proud aunt she is of her world-famous child psychologist niece, and offers her a place to stay.

Over at the Club, Nick sees Lily (Christel Khalil) reading a book entitled, Your Child and You: How To Put The Needs of Your Offspring Above Your Own. When Nick inquires about the book, Lily informs him the author is speaking at a conference there at the Club that night.

Nick decides to attend the conference and speak with the author afterwards. To say Nick and Jennifer get off on the wrong foot is a huge understatement! He wants the in demand shrink to drop whatever she is working on to help Faith immediately. Money is no object.

Jennifer is incensed at Nick's arrogance. She doesn't prioritize her potential patients based on how rich their parents are!

When Nick persists, Jennifer wonders if his narcissism might be one of the root problems for the child in question. Nick makes a crack about Jennifer likely having inflated her credentials for book sales. He decides to find a therapist who is less full of herself.

The next day, while having lunch with Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), he grimaces when he spies Jill and Jennifer arriving at the Club. Jill makes a beeline over to brag about her niece to Nikki.

Nikki is floored to see what a beautiful woman little Jennifer Foster turned out to be. Nick can't believe his mother knows the new pain in his ass. Nikki informs her son she used to be married to Jennifer's Uncle Greg, and has known her parents for years.

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Jennifer is just as taken aback that the jerk from her conference is the son of a family friend. As Nikki insists Jill and Jennifer join them for lunch, Jen and Nick eye one another warily.

Around the midpoint of the excruciating lunch, Summer (Hunter King) shows up with Faith in tow. The two are having a sister's day, and she's treating the little girl to her favorite onion rings at the Club.

Nick begrudgingly introduces his daughters to Jennifer, who is immediately moved by the depressed child she sees before her. Later, when they're alone, Jennifer agrees to one consultation with Summer. After the session she'll decide if she can treat her. A grateful Nick tells Jennifer she won't regret helping his family.

Jill notices her niece talking with Nick. Later, she gives her the lowdown on Nick's tempestuous love life and family affairs. She warns Jennifer to stay clear. He already has two basket cases running after him; Jennifer is much too good to become involved with such a shameless, spoiled hound dog!

Jennifer assures her aunt her interest in Nick Newman and his daughter are purely professional. Famous last words...


After her session with Faith, Jennifer agrees to stay in Genoa City to treat her. Nick is thrilled, that is until Jennifer bluntly informs him he, his various wives and extended family are to blame for the little girl's neurosis.

Nick takes offense to Jennifer's assessment. He loves all of his children and has done everything he could for them. Jennifer crisply tells him love is supposed to be healthy, and from what she's heard, there is nothing healthy about his family life!

Nick thinks it's unprofessional of her to listen to gossip about him and his loved ones. He asks if Jill has been filling her head with stories about the Newmans.

Jen counters that Nick should worry more about providing a stable home life for Faith, and less about his reputation. The only reason she's taking this case is because she was instantly able to see the despair in Faith's eyes. If Nick wants her to help his daughter, he'd better be prepared to put his enormous ego aside and listen to her advice.

Nick doesn't know how to take Jennifer. He's never met a woman so forthright. There are no schemes, no manipulations, just direct, to-the-point observations.

After years of dealing with Sharon and Phyllis, Nick Newman finds Dr. Jennifer Foster quite refreshing. She even has him wondering if there could be such a thing as a sane, healthy relationship with a member of the opposite sex.

Would you like to see Sarah Brown square off with Joshua Morrow on The Young and the Restless? Sound off in the comments!