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Perkie's Observations: Franco Lays Waste to The Corinthos Family on General Hospital

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The Wedding From Halloween Hell came to an ugly end today on General Hospital. Read all about it below in today's installment of Perkie's Observations!

Franco declares he won't marry a lying, cheating whore who's been sleeping with her ex. Michael refuses to listen and claims it was just one kiss between Carly and Sonny.

Franco mentions others knew the truth, including Bobbie, who denies it. Franco decides to play the video as proof.

Dr. Obrecht decides it's time to discharge Jason, much to Liz's anger. Liz says it's too soon to release him and he has no home, neither of which Liesl cares about. Liz wonders how Jason will pay the hospital bill, or where he'll go. She asks him to come home with her.

Morgan tells Sonny that Ava is at the brownstone; Silas is with her. He asks if Sonny still plans on killing Ava.

Sonny says Ava has to pay for killing Connie. He asks if Morgan plans on stopping him. Morgan understands Ava needs to pay and begs his father not to harm the baby.

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Ava tells Nina it's too soon for her to deliver; it might hurt the baby. Nina injects Ava with the oxytocin and heads off to find some supplies.

Ava realizes the paralyzing drug is wearing off. She tries to drag herself out, but Nina stops her. Ava starts having contractions.

Anna asks Duke if he was really with Sonny the night of AJ's murder. Duke is adamant he's Sonny's alibi. Anna warns if she gets evidence against Sonny, Duke will go down as well.

Silas finds Madeline in Liesl's office. She asks where Nina is.

He explains Nina is out of control. Madeline admits Nina confronted her.

Morgan asks Sonny about his men watching the brownstone. Sonny says it wasn't him. They hear a gunshot and find Max has been shot.

Franco shows the video of Sonny and Carly having sex in Michael's apartment — which came from the camera in her necklace. Franco mentions Kiki knew the truth, but Carly lied to all of them.

Michael claims he'd rather have his parents together anyway. Franco says he has more to say about AJ. Carly begs him not to say anything.

Michael wonders if she knew about Ava killing AJ. Franco says Ava didn't shoot AJ. He plays the tape where Sonny admits to it.