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A Forbidden Affair is Discovered as The Young and the Restless Gears Up For November Sweeps!

Hilary and Devon Y&R

Genoa City couples will be dealing with shady business dealings, potentially outed affairs and one deadly diagnosis this November Sweeps on The Young and the Restless. Keep reading for this week's spoilers plus a November Sweeps preview!

Devon/Hilary: These two really need to watch their backs. Another party discovers their dangerous liaison. Will their secret finally be revealed?

Phyllis: Red busts up Sharon's happy little family life.

Victor: The Black Knight figures out Summer is a Newman.

Joe: He puts Dylan out of business.

Billy: The Abbott playboy wonders if he and Victoria still can make it.

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Chelsea: She gets a secret gift. Seems like Adam is starting to make his presence known to his wife.

 November Sweeps Scoops

Paul/Nikki/Dylan/Sharon/Mariah: The socialite's drinking starts to ramp up. Watch for Dylan, Nikki and Paul's family unit to become stronger; the same for Sharon and Mariah. Will her new-found daughter soon be the only person in Sharon's corner?

Adam/Chelsea/Billy/Victoria: Just as the "Widow" Newman is moving on,  Victor's black sheep offspring returns!  Adam wants his life back, but he's not in the best shape. Watch for him to do what he does best – scheme. Meanwhile, we finally learn who knocked up Victoria.

Sharon/Nick/Phyllis: Red's return just may prove to be the undoing of the reunited high school sweethearts. Can Nick forgive and forget one more time?

Phyllis/Jack/Kelly: Old Smilin' Jack continues to juggle to women. Is Phyllis really as in the dark as she seems to be?

Stitch/Ashley: These two try to keep things professional, but they continue to spark sizzling chemistry, and not just in the Jabot lab! How will Ash react to the truth about Stitch's daddy?

Michael/Lauren: The Baldwins deal with a potentially lethal setback.

Joe: Viewers will learn why Avery's ex-husband is really in town.