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Perkie's Observations: "You're Dead To Me"

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Michael is in full denial and Carly is angry with Franco. Franco points out that he promised he wouldn't tell Michael the truth and he didn't. Carly claims this is all just another one of Franco's tricks. Then he played the tape of Carly admitting she knew the truth.

Heather shoots Max and leaves. Morgan calls 911 while Sonny tries to get Max to tell him who shot him. Max manages to say that it was a "her."

Madeline tells Liesl that she sent Silas on a wild goose chase to save Nina. Liesl feels Nina needs help and will hurt someone. She demands to know what they did with her prescription pad, but is distracted by paramedics bringing Max in.

Ava begs Nina to call Silas or Britt, but Nina's determined to help Ava deliver the baby on her own. Ava delivers a giant toddler of a baby girl. Ava begs Nina to give her the baby, but Nina says it's her daughter.

Silas looks for Nina at Nathan's apartment. Instead of finding Nina he finds Nathan. The two realize that Madeline has been helping Nina.

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Jordan wonders why Shawn had Heather locked up when Heather returns. Shawn tells her to let Jordan go. Heather admits that she shot Max and that they are next.

Sonny decides that the "her" Max was talking about was Ava. Morgan points out that Ava wouldn't have taken that chance, not while pregnant and having problems. Dr. Obrecht reads Sonny the riot act about Max getting shot.

Nathan and Silas confront Liesl. She admits that she was hiding Nina in her office, but she doesn't know where Nina and Madeline are now.

Madeline arrives at the townhouse and tells Nina that they need to leave. Ava begs her not to take the baby.

Michael demands to know how long his mother knew the truth. Carly tells him that AJ told her on his deathbed. Michael is angry that AJ sacrificed everything to be with him.

Franco mentions that Carly doesn't care about Michael and only cares about Sonny. Carly declares that she will kill Franco.

Michael accuses Carly of lying and that his only parent is dead. He says he finally sees Carly and Sonny for who they are and they are dead to him.