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The Bold and The Beautiful's Jacob Young Talks His Game-Changing Storyline and Daytime Emmy Buzz (EXCLUSIVE)


Rick Forrester (Jacob Young) is done being passed over for big brother Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) on CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful. The Los Angeles-based fashion royal was sent reeling recently on the sudser, after finding out the woman he loved was sneaking kisses with his hated stepsibling and corporate rival.

Rick truly believed his wife, publishing heiress and ready-to-wear designer Caroline Spencer Forrester (Linsey Godfrey), was simply collaborating with her idol on Forrester Creations' next couture collection. In actuality, the former Manhattanite was letting the man who toyed with the affections of Rick's mom, Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), for almost three decades slide his tongue down her willing throat! As if his wife's tryst with his brother wasn't ego-crushing enough, Rick's father, Eric (John McCook), initially passed him over for the coveted CEO position in favor of Ridge.

Ridge and Caroline B&B

Which betrayal hurt the apparel scion more? "This is something I have thought about for a little while," said Young. "I think that Rick's first love is the company. I think that probably hurt him more than anything. A close second would be, of course, his marriage. All he's ever fantasized about his entire life is this company."

Rick's fantasies became a reality when Eric rescinded his offer to Ridge, after learning of his elder offspring's dalliance with Rick's wife. Considering Ridge's penchant for sniffing around his stepdad and brothers' women, shouldn't Rick have known better than to let Caroline work so closely with the shameless hound dog?

"I think he should have," admitted Young with a chuckle. "But, you know, they were up against a deadline and at that point he was like, 'Whatever it's going to take to get the line out of Ridge, so be it.'  He probably should have [known better], you know? [Ridge] does have a history of moving from woman to woman!"

The scenes where Rick lashed out at his father, brother and wife in the Forrester boardroom have the veteran soap star generating much-warranted Daytime Emmy buzz. How did he and co-stars McCook and Kaye approach the explosive material?

"We, especially when I say we, John and Thorsten, we always come in together with questions about the scenes," he said. "You know, 'Does it make sense? What's going on? How can we make this better?' And so we work on it and we try to correct anything that doesn't add to it, or seems kind of inappropriate for the scene. We try to give it justice, and I gotta tell you, Thorsten is the biggest champion on that. John is always up for rehearsing and changing things to make it better. It just takes that, you know? Just show up and everybody be on the same page."

Young went so far as to bravely allow Rick to explode into tears, following Maya's (Karla Mosley) reveal to the entire room what had been transpiring behind his back. "He literally felt like everything had just fallen out from under him. The floor just dropped out. Everything that mattered to him all just kind of ended in one breath basically. I think anybody who would be in that situation would find it hard not to be vulnerable and sensitive."

Young, who won the Daytime Emmy in 2002 for his portrayal of Lucky Spencer on ABC Daytime's General Hospital, is flattered by all of the praise his performance in the explosive storyline has been netting. Is the All My Children alum putting himself up for a Golden Lady?

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"I will," he said when asked if he is submitting himself for a Daytime Emmy pre-nomination. "I will submit. I definitely have the work, the writing, the scenes, that should be contenders. I'm just, I'm truly...humbled by how much people have been complimenting. You know, it was my time to take the reins and the material, of course, backed it up. It's not just me. I certainly do appreciate everybody's thoughtfulness. I definitely will be submitting this year."


Behind every good CEO there's a good-if-manipulating woman. It was top model and mistress Maya Avant who convinced Rick to put his pride aside and accept Eric's backtracked offer to make him CEO.

"You need somebody who's scheming and going after what they want to make it interesting," said Young on the shift in Maya's personality from fairy tale princess to opportunist. "Whether or not Rick made the right choice [to sleep with Maya] you know, he's coming from a place of hurt and she was there. He's comfortable with somebody who's actually going to tell him the truth."

Don't worry, Caroline fans. Young believes there's still a chance Rick and his estranged wife can find their way back to one another.

"Never say never," he said. "People get hurt. People deal with their emotions and then people re-evaluate, perhaps, how they handled it. Or, they find fault in themselves. So, never say never. I think there's always a possibility."

With 17 years of soaps now on his resume, what would Young say to his teenage self back when he originated the role of Rick in 1997? "Be patient. Be patient with yourself and don't be so hard on yourself. I think those are the two strongest words of advice. The industry is tough. It can wear on you sometimes. We're putting out these emotional moments. You're always wondering, 'Am I doing a good job? Am I living up to my expectations? Am I living up to everybody else's expectations?' I was probably a lot harder on myself when I was younger. Maybe that made me a stronger actor? I don't know, but I think that would be the best advice to give yourself."