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Perkie's Observations: Franco Warns He Isn't Finished With Carly on General Hospital


gh, Perkie's Observations

Michael looks for Sonny at the Corinthos compound. Instead he finds the mess and Max's gun on the floor.

Dante and his officers arrive to check out the scene. Dante tells Michael that Max's gun is missing. Michael denies any knowledge of it.

Michael explains to Dante what happened at the Haunted Star, but not about Sonny shooting AJ. Dante tells him they are investigating Sonny and warns Michael not to go off on Sonny and tip him off.

Ava begs Madeline not to let Nina take the baby. Nina is upset about Ava talking to her mother, since they don't know each other.

Ava says Madeline hired her to seduce Silas all those years ago, in exchange for giving her an art gallery. She warns Madeline isn't on Nina's side.

Ava warns Madeline could be setting up Nina for a fall. Madeline tries to convince Nina otherwise. Nina has doubts.

Carly is furious with Franco for hurting Michael. Franco says he wants Michael to hate her, because that punishes her more. Carly feels Michael didn't deserve it.

Franco says he never had real love. He thought he had found it with Carly, only to have her cheat on him.

Carly says she was only with him because of Jason; she wanted to see good in him.

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Franco declares things between them aren't over. Carly says he has no power over her anymore and storms out.

Franco gives Scotty the harddrive. Scotty tells Bobbie he finally has proof to put Sonny away.

Alexis and Julian worry about Danny. Julian assures her he'll donate marrow again. He'll even bank his marrow for Danny, even though they know Sonny will kill him.

Sam finds Silas waiting for the lab results. He tells her the latest on Nina and apologizes for letting her come between them. Silas gets the results which are negative.

Morgan points out to Sonny that Ava may not be the shooter; he has many enemies. Diane arrives. She's angry with Sonny for Max's shooting.

Later, Sonny gets news Max will be fine. He decides to head to the brownstone.

Morgan asks again if it's necessary to kill Ava. Sonny can't promise otherwise.

Kiki gets to the hospital. He tells Morgan that Michael knows everything.

Heather hides on the docks. She catches Carly by surprise when she leaves the Haunted Star.

Franco arrives. Heather asks if she's allowed to kill Carly.

Bobbie gets upset with Scotty. He's determined to send Sonny to prison.

Dante arrives and Scotty tells him he has proof Sonny shot AJ.

Nina leaves with the baby. Ava tries to follow, but finds Sonny at her door.