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Michael to Sonny on General Hospital: "I Am Not Your Son"


The disowning Sonny (Maurice Benard) haters have been waiting a decade-and-a-half for took place today on General Hospital. Michael Corinthos III renounced the father who raised him, and Chad Duell took his previously lame character from a zero back to a viable hero.

I still have chills after watching the Friday installment of GH. Increasingly blood-thirsty mob don Sonny Corinthos held his piece on Ava Jerome (Maura West) at the beginning of the episode. The queenpin of the rival Jerome crime family had just given birth to a baby — who is either Sonny's daughter or granddaughter.

Despite her desperately explaining to Sonny how their progeny had been kidnapped at birth by a madwoman and her ever-so-posh mother, the coffee importer still planned to kill Ava, thus avenging his drippy, dead lover, Connie Falconeri (Kelly Sullivan), whom Ava iced. Got all that?

Ava killing Connie set all of this in motion. Sonny believed his long-term nemesis, Alan Quartermine, Jr. (Sean Kanan) murdered Connie in cold blood. Ava, possessing the kind of dick-whispering powers only found in an episode of House of Cards, and/or the works of William Shakespeare, spent months solidifying a grieving, manic Sonny's delusions.

When Sonny walked in on AJ confronting Ava earlier this year—all the while insisting he didn't harm Connie—Corinthos murdered Michael's biological father, despite promising the most beloved of his offspring he wouldn't hurt his DNA match.

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Sonny reneged on his promise. Later, Carly (Laura Wright)—the mother who'd kept Michael from AJ since he was a baby—conspired to keep Sonny's culpability a secret. Enter Franco (Roger Howarth).

Carly's illogical romance with the town serial killer imploded earlier this week. At their planned Halloween wedding, Franco revealed Carly had not only been cheating on him with her ex, but she and Sonny had covered up AJ's murder.

Sent reeling, Michael tracked Sonny to the newly-renovated Brownstone like a hound after one of those poor, little foxes in Great Britain. The father who raised him in violence was about to kill a woman who'd just given birth (Even for a Sonny fan like me, that was a bit much!). However, Michael was the one who fired off a shot.

He spared Ava's life, not because he believed she deserves as much (He called her a lying whore!), but because he had pressing business to attend to with his dad. Scratch that.

"I am not your son, and you are not my father," Michael hissed through clenched teeth, as Sonny tried to cloak his latest sins. "AJ was my father."

Boy is serious, yo! This story climax has finally afforded Duell the kind of meaty, gut-wrenching scenes opposite soap legend Benard that Duell's TV brother Bryan Craig (Morgan) has come to receive on a regular basis. It also proves Duell is every bit as capable as Craig of bringing it when the material calls for it, because wow, did he bring it.

The episode ended with Michael making Sonny drop his gun and vowing to keep his promise to avenge AJ's death. Will cop big brother Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) get there in time to stop one more bloody chapter in this Greek tragedy by way of Port Charles, New York? Watch a sneak peek of next week's General Hospital below.