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Perkie's Observations: Franco Arranges One (Possibly) Explosive Warehouse Slumber Party on GH

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Sonny is taken down to the police station for booking. Nathan tells him they are out looking for Nina.

Sonny begs Dante to help find the baby. He called Shawn, but he didn't get back to him.

Dante checks Sonny's phone and sees the text about Franco being dead. He wonders if his father put a hit on Franco.

Kiki arrives at the brownstone. Michael is angry about Carly keeping the secret. Kiki admits she and Morgan knew as well.

Michael is furious with both of them for lying to his face. He declares he wants nothing to do with them.

Franco returns to the warehouse and claims he's letting them all go. Carly doesn't believe him. Franco admits he may or may not have strapped a bomb to the door, which will go off if they try to leave.

Rosalie stops by the PCPD; she's worried about Nina. Nathan tears a strip off of her for her involvement in Nina's psychotic crimes.

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Rosalie admits the only thing she did was tell Madeline where Ava was. Nathan says whatever happens to the baby is on Rosalie.

Lulu and Olivia are shocked to see on the news that Nina absconded with Ava's baby and Sonny has been arrested for AJ's murder. They see Scott tell reporters he has Sonny's confession and Dante made the arrest.

Bobbie is still livid with Scotty for doing his job. He says he can't play favorites.

Bobbie is concerned; she can't get a hold of Carly. She warns she will hold Scott responsible if something happened to her daughter.

Lucas and Maxie discuss the non-wedding and her inability to see Nathan before Georgie's hearing in December. Franco arrives. Maxie is quick to throw shade.

Franco claims he doesn't know where Carly is; he's there to get his stuff. Bobbie arrives and kicks him out.

Michael runs into Rosalie at The Rib.

Sonny worries something happened to Shawn. He mentions Heather. A confused Dante claims Heather is locked up. Sonny begs him to go to the warehouse.

Scotty enjoys watching Sonny get booked.

Heather decides she can't go back to Ferncliff. She tries to open the door, only to have the others stop her. Carly tells her no one is opening the door.

Dante and Nathan get to the warehouse.