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Perkie's Observations: Franco and Nina Take a Three-Hour Tour on General Hospital

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Dante and Nathan open the warehouse door and everyone inside realizes Franco lied about the bomb. Nathan takes Heather to the station, while Dante takes Carly home. Shawn and Jordan agree to tell TJ the truth about his father.

Sonny ends up in the cell across from Duke, who explains he was brought in because of the false alibi. Sonny apologizes for pulling Duke into his mess.

Liesl checks her voicemail. She hears Madeline's message to "Silas" about Nina's whereabouts.

Nina hallucinates Silas showing up to meet "their" baby. He's thrilled to be a family.

Silas disappears when Madeline comes to. Nina realizes her mother never called Silas and hits her again.

Morgan and Kiki get to the PCPD. Anna warns them not to interfere with the search. Kiki reassures Morgan, but the two continue to worry about the baby.

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Michael brings Rosalie up to speed about his day then thanks her for being honest about Kiki and Morgan. Rosalie admits Nina blackmailed her to sleep with Michael.

Rosalie says she couldn't do it because Michael is so nice. He kisses her and says he doesn't want to feel anymore today.

Franco hires a boat to take him away, but stops by the hospital to say goodbye to Liesl first. Liesl tells him about Nina running off with the baby and where she's staying. Liesl decides she needs to tell Anna where Nina is.

Dante tells Carly that Sonny was arrested. Scotty will come after her as well.

Carly is more concerned about her kids. She rants about Franco and blames everything on the necklace.

Carly thanks Dante for saving Michael from shooting Sonny. After he leaves, Carly finds a DVD from Franco.

Heather pleads her case to Anna, claiming she's done nothing wrong. Anna tells her Max woke up and named her as his shooter. Heather gets tossed in lock-up with Sonny and Duke.

Anna and Nathan get to the motel. They find Madeline, but Nina and the baby are gone.

Franco takes Nina and the baby with him on the boat.

Carly watches the DVD. Franco declares he's leaving, but will be back. She won't know when.