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Perkie's Observations: Michael Consoles Himself Between Rosalie's Thighs on General Hospital

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Michael wakes up with Rosalie. She thinks they've made a big mistake and he'll forgive Kiki. Michael declare she has no one, because apparently Monica and the Quartermaines aren't allowed in this story.

Rosalie admits she told Madeline where Ava was hiding; the baby was kidnapped because of her. Michael hand waves her guilt away, because he has no sympathy for Ava.

Kiki repeatedly tries to get a hold of Michael.She worries she's lost him. Silas tells her to learn from his mistakes with Sam; fight for Michael.

Ava is desperate to leave the hospital and find the baby. Julian tells her about the motel.Nina and the baby were there, but are now missing.

Sonny begs for a lawyer. He's thrilled to see Alexis. She tell shim she's there to represent Duke.

Duke says he can't afford her; she should help Sonny. Alexis says Lucy put up the money for Duke.

Sonny pleads. Alexis tells him to call Diane.

Nina and Franco end up in Canada. As a proud Canadian,  we don't want the crazies up here.

Nina wants to call Silas and tell him about the baby. Franco points out the baby isn't her child; she's Ava. Nina becomes upset.

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Franco realizes Nina actually believes the baby is her child. He backs off, but tells her she hurt Madeline. If she calls Silas, the police will come and the baby will be without a mother.

Madeline wakes up in the hospital. She's surprised to see herself handcuffed to the bed.

Nathan reminds her she helped kidnap a baby. Madeline insists Nina forced her; She would have killed her.

Madeline explains how Franco showed up to help Nina. Later, Madeline accuses Liesl of telling Franco where Nina was.

Anna blames Scott for allowing Franco to leave. Scotty says he had no idea what Franco would do.

Scotty shows her the letter Franco left for him. Anna wants a warrant for Franco's arrest.

Carly thanks Morgan for saving Sonny from Michael. She tells him she's lost Michael, but he needs to be there for his brother. Morgan tells her he's lost Michael as well, since he and Kiki knew the truth.

Nathan informs Carly and Morgan about Franco helping Nina. Carly spots Scotty and accuses him of doing nothing to stop Franco.

Scott says he has a warrant for Franco — and for her. Carly is placed under arrest.

Nathan updates Anna about Franco. Morgan updates Ava.

Alexis tells Duke to roll over on Sonny.

Kiki gets back to the apartment and sees Michael and Rosalie in bed.