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INTERVIEW: Days of Our Lives' Casey Moss and True O'Brien on The Paige/JJ/Eve "Clusterf***"



Casey Moss debuted on Days of Our Lives in 2013 as bad boy J.J. Devereaux. His smoldering portrayal of the angry druggie, with a thing for older women, quickly made him a fan and critical favorite.

After working through his daddy issues—and quitting drugs—J.J. fell for the saintly Paige, played by newcomer True O'Brien, and seemingly reformed. Thankfully, it only took a couple beers for the real J.J. to emerge and have a sordid one-night stand with Paige's mother, Eve (Kassie DePaiva).

At this year's Day of DAYS fan event, Moss and O'Brien discussed whether J.J. and Eve will have a round two, if Paige will ever buy a clue and what it was like to film J.J.'s hot sex scene.

Daytime Confidential: We just saw J.J. get some mother-loving from Eve. What will the fallout from JJ and Eve's one night stand be?

Casey Moss: A lot of guilt comes into play in this storyline. It becomes a clustefuck.

True O'Brien: You try to keep something like that a secret for as long as possible.

CM: There’s a lot of things that go into this storyline, that I can’t tell you about.  But it’s going to be very exciting to watch.

DC: What was it like filming those steamy scenes with Kassie DePaiva?

CM: I was a little nervous, to be honest. But when the day came, I was like, okay, we’re actually going to go for it. It was comfortable. I didn’t feel any discomfort whatsoever. It was exciting, I’ll admit it. Kassie’s gorgeous; my goodness!

Days, Days of Our Lives

DC: J.J. was a bad boy, but then he got redeemed by Paige. Which aspect of J.J. do you enjoy playing more?

CM: I like being an asshole.  Excuse my language.

TO: In real life and on the screen.

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CM: Thank you. What I liked was when they turned J.J. good, he still had some shades of gray in him.  When she came along, of course, deep down he’s been looking for this the entire time, just to feel love and to have that empty space filled. But when things come along that really scare him, just like people in real life, when it gets scary, you do things that you tend to regret. When you don’t believe that you’re good enough, you look for reasons why you aren’t good enough. So when the first thing comes along where you can prove to yourself you’re not good enough, you jump on it.

DC: Is it difficult playing a character as uptight as Paige?

CM: She’s like that naturally.

TO: I understand. It comes from [her childhood experiences.]  She can be a little naive at times. I’ll say that.

CM: Do you ever suspect me of sleeping with your mom?

TO: No.


DC: In some ways, Paige seems more like Eve’s mother. She’s so responsible and Eve is so wild.

TO: Something happened you know? Like my father abandoned us and her mother’s kind of a loose cannon. But it’s a pleasure working with her. It’s very sweet.

DC: Paige has a great memory for men’s jackets, since she recognized the one J.J. borrowed from Daniel the next day and assumed Eve slept with him.

CM:  Isn’t that horrible? Of course I did [take the jacket.] That leads to the storyline that you’ll see later.

TO: Paige has a photographic memory, apparently.

DC: It’s a real Romeo and Juliet situation with you two, because your mothers hate each other. How much will Eve and Jennifer’s relationship come into play in your current storyline?

CM: What’s great about Jennifer is that she puts her problems aside, because she knows that I love Paige, which is of course what’s really great. But then lately, it’s going in a different direction, and when that comes out, if it does, it will be crazy.

DC:Will J.J. and Eve end up in bed again and have a full-fledged affair?

JJ: Maybe. Maybe not. I guess we’ll have to see what happens. I guess you can probably judge that, based on how much I enjoyed it on camera.