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DAYS' Molly Burnett on Melanie's Return to Salem: "She Needs to Get Out of Europe ASAP"


She's back! Reformed bad girl Melanie Jonas (Molly Burnett) is making a return to Salem. As first reported by Daytime Confidential'sJamey Giddens, Burnett has reprised her popular role on Days of Our Lives. 

The last viewers heard, Melanie was off in Europe spending time with her mother and brother. Just what has she been up to since she left town in 2012? TV Guide Magazine'sMichael Logan got the tea straight from Burnett herself.

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TV Guide Magazine:So why is Melanie back in Salem?

Burnett: She's homesick. You go back to what you know — her dad, Daniel, and Parker and Maggie and Brady, all the people she loves. But, also, she may have impulsively made a little mistake. Okay, a big mistake. She needs to get out of Europe ASAP.

Ruh oh. According to Burnett, Melanie's faux pas is a major one that may ruffle some feathers and may possibly be against the law! Are Melanie's family and friends clued into what she's done? Burnett gives a little hint.

TV Guide Magazine:No one in Salem knows what she's done?

Burnett: Nobody. Why would she tell anybody when she could hide it? It's a soap! But the people who really know her — Daniel, Maggie, Brady — are suspicious. They love her and trust her but something seems off. She's not lying to them to be conniving. She did some dumb things while she was away and doesn't want her loved ones to know. She really hates letting people down.

Burnett's first air date is slated for Nov. 21. To hear more about who Melanie will mix it up with, click here!