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Perkie's Observations: Michael Declares Himself a Quartermaine on General Hospital

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Carly's happiness at seeing Michael is short-lived. He tells her he's only there to ask for Sonny's help in exonerating AJ for Connie's murder.

Michael asks about the recording of Ava admitting she killed Connie. Carly admits she got rid of her copy. Sonny agrees to give it to him.

Monica finds out Sonny killed AJ. He is determined to see him pay.

Tracy assures her justice will be served. Michael will see who his parents really are.

Larry updates Jerry on their takeover attempt of ELQ. Alice overhears a little, but Larry manages to deflect her attention.

Patrick and Sam continue to wonder what the deal is with Larry and Jerry Jacks.

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Agent Sloane wants Britt's help in taking down Anna and cleaning up the WSB. Britt says she had no contact with Faison. If he is dead, whoever killed him did the world a favor. After the agent leaves, Britt wonders if she did the right thing.

Anna informs Liesl she may be arrested for helping Nina. Liesl denies knowing what Nina's plans were.

Liesl again asks what Anna did to Faison. Anna imitates Faison, then declares Liesl will never know.

Liz explains the photos on her mantle to Jason. Patrick drops off Cameron who seems wary of their new house guest.

Liz introduces Patrick, who tells Jason he saw signs of a previous brain surgery on his scans. Sam comes in to usher out Patrick and seems to wonder about Jason.

Agent Sloane talks to Liesl about Anna. Later, he runs into the subject of his investigation.

Larry complains to Ned and Tracy about the state of ELQ. He blames Michael and the bad publicity he generates.

Larry believes Tracy should be reinstated, despite Ned's objections. Tracy agrees they need to get rid of Michael.

The heir apparent arrives and hugs his grandmother. Larry calls him "Michael Corinthos". The young man corrects the elder. He's now going by his father's surname, Michael Quartermaine.