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INTERVIEW: DAYS' Arianne Zucker on Nicole's Busted Love Life — "Is Eric Going to Stop Being a Victim?"

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Nicole Walker is one of the best scheming vixens in the history of Days of Our Lives. She's stolen babies, married for money and fallen in love for a priest. But in recent months, we've seen a kinder, gentler Nicole. Will her manicured claws be coming out for a new storyline anytime soon?

I caught up with Arianne Zucker  at "Day of DAYS" to find out what's going with the popular character she's portrayed on-and-off since 1998.  The talented actress talked about Nicole's epic rivalry with Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney), whether Eric (Greg Vaughn) and Nicole will ever reunite and why, deep down, Nicole just wants a family.

Daytime Confidential: It hasn’t been the best couple months for Nicole.

Arianne Zucker: Is it ever? I’m used to it by now.

DC: Is Eric ever going to get over what she did?

AZ: Is Eric going to stop being a victim?

DC: That’s what I’m saying. Doesn’t he have any forgiveness left from his days as a priest?

AZ: You know, he’s wound himself up so tight and he can’t seem to get out of his own way. He’s so caught up on blaming me for not going back to the priesthood, but do you not remember what else happened to you? I think you’re still dealing with post-rape [that’s what it was] by the way, and now it’s my fault. But everybody needs someone to blame so they blame me. I’m used to it.

DC: Nicole had such great scenes with Sami before she left town. Let’s be honest. In a non-sexualway, Sami and Nicole were the great loves of each other’s lives.

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AZ: I agree with you totally. I think that, and this is one of the things Ali and I always pride ourselves on with regards to our characters, is that we always wanted to have that relationship where we could kick each others' butts one day and go out and have drinks the next. Then completely be like, “If you ever touch me again…” It’s just one of those things that we would never trust each other, but we respect each other. So we can be in the same room with each other, but there was just that limit. It was really great. You can’t even define that relationship, which is weird.

DC: It’s hard to picture Nicole in Salem without Sami there to fight with her and keep her in line. Do you feel a bit of a loss?

 AZ: There’s no two women on the show who have that kind of relationship. The young ones, they have their catfights. I might be selfish and protective of “Sole’s” relationship, but I feel like towards the end there, the last year or so, we didn’t get a lot of scenes together. But it was always refreshing too, what we did get and you miss it. I miss having that kind of relationship with a woman. You’re always working with a man or your always fighting constantly with a woman. This was special.

DC: What is coming up for Nicole in the next few months? 

AZ: I think Nicole is just trying to find her way. I think she’s really understanding the value of relationships, period. Whether it be friendship or being in a relationship with a man. She really wants to have someone in her life. Both of her parents are gone. She has a very difficult relationship with her sister. Her brother is off doing whatever he’s doing. She doesn’t have anything. She can’t have children. She can’t adopt. She’s screwed. So I think right at this moment in her life she’s just trying to find those people that she can kind of call family. You’ll see, I think. A lighter side [of her] coming up.

DC: Nicole has been a journalist for a while. Is she pissed that Will got a screenwriting deal from writing a single article?

AZ: They don’t even cross that story [with Nicole’s], so I don’t know. I think Nicole is just trying to find value in her life. She’s taken on this journalism job, that I don’t even know if she likes, because she really hasn’t done a story, because every story’s been about someone personal in her life, so she doesn’t feel she can do it. But at least she has a purpose to get up for the day and do something.

DC: Is there any romance coming up for Nicole?

AZ: There is no romance in Nicole’s life right now.