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Perkie's Observations: Sam Will Have to Find a New Frank Hardy to Her Nancy Drew on General Hospital

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Michael declares he's no longer Sonny's son; he's AJ's and plans to legally change his name. Monica questions the seriousness of his claim. Michael decides the Quartermaines are his only family, since he's cut everyone else out of his life.

Michael is ready to move into the mansion and promises to live up to the Quartermaine name. Ned welcomes him with a handshake.

Michael complains about Tracy destroying ELQ by giving Jerry 15 percent of the stock. Her move put the company and the family at risk.

He and Larry get into an argument. Michael is quick to question whether Larry is working with Jerry.

Sonny wants Shawn to give Michael the recording, despite Shawn's concerns it will end up burying him. Shawn sees the silver lining. Ava will go down for Connie's murder.

Ava is worried about her baby, but Kiki wants to discuss the fact that she killed Connie and left her to bleed to death. Ava begs for understanding. She explains how Connie found out the truth about Julian. Ava panicked and shot Connie.

Kiki tells her mother Michael knows the truth. Sonny will likely give her up. Ava begs Kiki to find out about the missing baby.

Anna runs into Agent Sloane, who it turns out, is her former protege. He compliments her on all her recent arrests and tells Anna everyone is particularly happy about Sonny going down for murder.

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Agent Sloane comments about Duke. Anna questions why he's so interested in her business. The agent says he's in town on another matter altogether.

Liesl leaves an angry message for Britt to meet her at work. Patrick and Sam arrive to find out the results of the board meeting. Liesl tells them Patrick has been reinstated.

Shawn stops by the mansion and gives Michael the recording from Sonny. Michael and Monica listen to it and are shocked when they hear the murder happen. Michael points out it proves AJ was innocent of Connie's murder.

Jordan tells TJ she and Shawn have something important to tell him. When Shawn arrives, he says they need to discuss TJ's father.

Diane pays Sonny a visit. She begs him not to give Michael the recording that incriminates him. Diane wants to use the recording as leverage. Sonny says he promised Michael he would help clear AJ's name.

Nikolas wants to reward Spencer for telling the truth about Franco knowing he was hiding at Carly's. Spencer is prepared to tell Nikolas about Britt being involved as well, but then changes his mind.

Britt meets with her mother, only to have Liesl slap her across the face. Liesl knows Britt won't help Agent Sloane. She explains as next of kin, Britt is the only one who can. Britt refuses. Her mother says she'll tell Nikolas the truth about Spencer.

Alexis tells Sonny that Duke refused to give him up and has been sent to Pentonville to await trial. She says Carly will be charged as an accessory as well.

Michael finds Anna and gives the recording. After she listens to it, Anna decides she has enough evidence to arrest Ava, but Ava is gone.

Britt tells Agent Sloane she's decided to cooperate.

Patrick and Sam eavesdrop, as Larry calls Jerry for an update.