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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Falls on His Sword to Save Carly on General Hospital

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Carly and Sonny are taken to the courthouse for their arraignment.

Bobbie slaps Scotty and claims he should have looked the other way with Carly. She declares them finished.

Diane claims Carly isn't a flight risk, but the Judge feels she is and denies bail. Carly cries to Bobbie, who promises to take care of Josslyn.

Sonny asks to speak with Scott alone, which does not sit well with Diane.

At the hospital, Michael accuses Kiki of helping Ava escape and won't listen to her denials. Anna issues an APB for Ava. Kiki can't believe that her mother tricked her.

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Morgan arrives and defends Kiki. He is also surprised to hear that Ava is gone. Michael accuses Morgan of helping Ava, but he denies it.

Patrick and Sam overhear Larry conspiring with Jerry about dealing with Luke. When he mentions a safe deposit key, they devise a plan for Sam to get the key. Patrick distracts Larry. while Sam makes a copy of the key.

Shawn explains to TJ that it wasn't friendly fire that killed his father. Thomas had found out that Shawn and Jordan had an affair and attacked Shawn. Shawn was forced to kill him in self defense.

TJ asks if it's possible for Shawn to be his father. Jordan says she had a DNA test and Thomas was his father. TJ feels they only told him to clear their own conscience.

Anna brings Julian in and asks where he's hiding Ava. She tells him that Ava is wanted for killing Connie. Julian denies having any knowledge of about Connie's death. Anna tosses Julian in a holding cell.

Ava goes to Silas and begs him to help hide her out, claiming that Sonny is still after her. Silas says he doesn't have the resources to protect her. Ava pleads her case and he agrees.

Kiki tells Morgan about finding Michael in bed with Rosalie.

Sonny tells Carly that she's not going to Pentonville because he made a deal with Scotty. Diane explains that in exchange for releasing Carly, Sonny pled guilty.