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Perkie's Observations: Franco Returns Nina's Favor on General Hospital

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Ava sees the newspaper headline about her being on the run and hides it from Silas. She complains to Silas because she's worried about her baby and begs for his help. Silas suggests calling in Sam, since she's a PI. However, Ava doesn't agree and wants the two of them to go it alone. Silas finally agrees.

Nina wonders if Franco has a plan for her to reunite with Silas and their baby. Franco shows her the article on Ava, but Nina refuses to believe the baby isn't hers.

Franco tells her that she needs to remember the truth. She can't have children and that she took the baby from Ava. Franco also reminds her that she and Silas are done. Nina eventually remembers everything.

Nina's upset because she has nothing. Franco assures her that he is on her side. Nina wonders what they should do about the baby.

Larry wants to head to the bank, but is delayed by breakfast with the rest of his family. He's surprised when Alexis shows up.

Patrick and Sam update Lulu on Larry's shenanigans and how they have a copy of the safe deposit key. Sam wants Lulu to distract Larry while they head to the bank.

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Anna finds Liesl waiting in her office. Liesl promises that Anna will pay for what she did to Faison. Agent Sloane arrives and announces he's on the case.

Nikolas is happy that Britt won't be helping in the case against Anna. Britt tells him that she's changed her mind. She feels that Faison is still her father and she wants to know what happened to him.

Olivia stops by the PCPD to yell at Julian for protecting Ava. Julian claims he didn't know Ava killed Connie. He says he only knew Ava had shot Olivia. Olivia doesn't believe him, but Lucas arrives and says that he does.

Lucas offers to call Alexis. Julian tells him that they are finished, because he won't be upfront about the people that he works with.

Lucas tells his father Alexis is a good woman and to fight for her. Julian realizes that to get Alexis back, he'll need to tell her everything.

Olivia walks in on the Quartermaine breakfast to commiserate with Ned. She tells Alexis that Julian is in at the PCPD. Alexis heads over to the station.

Lulu arrives at the mansion to speak with Larry.

Agent Sloane claims Faison isn't at Steinmauer and declares that no one is above the law. He hands Anna a subpoena and tells her to get a lawyer. Anna says Faison is alive.