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Wishful Storytelling: Why Stephen Logan Should Return to Bold and Beautiful Involved With Priscilla Kelly


It breaks my crude oil-filled heart to learn the campaign to find Dallas a new home has ended. But if anyone knows how to make limoncello cocktails out of lemons, it's a soap fan! I say The Bold and the Beautiful should bring back Dallas megastars Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray.

Back in the mid-00's, Gray played Priscilla Kelly, bitchy mother of interior designer Samantha Kelly (Sydney Penny) — one of Ridge's (Thorsten Kaye) more forgettable love interests. What if Prissy had another daughter, one who grew up to be a jewelry designer with quite the sword fetish?

Having a posh battle axe for a mother would certainly explain Quinn's (Rena Sofer) own maternal issues. Maybe Priscilla sent a troubled Quinn away to be raised by poor relations (the Fullers) at a young age? That would explain why Samantha grew up in L.A. with the Forresters, while Quinn was isolated.

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During her time away from L.A., Priscilla Kelly could have embarked on a Parisian affair with widowed ex-pat Stephen Logan, played on and off from 2006-11 by Gray's Dallas costar Patrick Duffy. Imagine the looks on Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), Donna (Jennifer Gareis) and Katie's (Heather Tom) faces when their wayward dad introduces them to their soon-to-be wicked stepmother.

How would Pam (Alley Mills) react to old flame Stephen being back in town and involved with another woman? Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) would likely take one sobering look at Priscilla—a well-heeled woman-of-a-certain-age—and pop a massive boner.

Stephen, long-term whipping boy of the Forresters, could have amassed a fortune in the City of Lights, investing in an LVHM-style luxury conglomerate. He could return to Los Angeles with an agenda. Stephen Logan is determined to finally settle the score with the Forresters over their treatment of his family.

What if Stephen managed to secretly convince Steffy and Thomas to sell him their shares of Forrester Creations? Ridge's elder offspring have to be disgusted about Rick (Jacob Young) helming the family firm.

Sure, Stephen would hate screwing over his own grandson, but he has to make Eric (John McCook) and the late Stephanie (Susan Flannery) pay! Stephen could combine his Forrester shares with Bill Spencer's (Don Diamont) stake to mount a takeover attempt. Brooke's lover/ex-brother-in-law and her father teaming up to put her back in charge of the fashion dynasty, would certainly trump Katie's silly, red string as far as romantic gestures go!

Meanwhile, Hope Logan (Kim Matula) wouldn't stand a chance of keeping her baby away from both Granny Quinn and Great-Granny Prissy, especially if the Logan patriarch makes Quinn's long-lost mama his wife! I say Dallas' loss could be B&B's gain. Sound off on my latest Wishful Storytelling tangent in the comments!