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Perkie's Observations: Cesar Faison is on the Loose on General Hospital!

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Liesl announces that Faison isn't in the hole as Anna claims. Anna's shocked to hear that he's escaped. Anna says the last time she saw Faison was a year ago and that Robert had a WSB agent taking care of him.

Julian explains to Alexis how he met a man in witness protection who looked like Luke Spencer, but wasn't. Julian says the man got more brutal and put the hit out on Lucas. Alexis is shocked to hear that Ric wasn't responsible.

Julian admits that Ric was innocent and took the fall. Alexis is upset, but Julian claims he had no choice. He had to protect her and the rest of his family. Alexis asks where his boss is. Julian promises to take her to him if she helps him out.

Jordan worries about TJ and feels she might lose him. Shawn offers to talk to TJ. Jordan's division chief stops by to complain that she isn't working the case and spending too much time with Shawn. Jordan agrees to step up her game.

An upset TJ explains to Molly the truth about his father's death. He shares that he now sees his father in a different light now. Molly assures him that this one moment doesn't define Thomas as a father. She says TJ needs to remember the good.

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Fake Luke forces Luke back into his cell. He explains that he's been gone for six months, but has returned to resume Luke's life. He mentions working with Jerry and bringing Larry Ashton into the picture.

Luke wonders if Fluke is Larry in a mask, but Fluke isn't forthcoming with answers.

Sam and Patrick return and explain how they found a photo of Faison and a flash drive in Larry's safety box. Tracy doesn't understand the connection to Faison. They check the drive and find pictures of Faison and a blueprint for a mask.

Shawn stops by to see TJ and says he wants to work things out. TJ accuses him of only wanting to clear his conscience.

Larry gets back to the mansion and wonders what Tracy and Lulu are up to.

Nikolas drags in the stable hand who admits that Robert hired him to watch over Faison. He also admits that Faison has been gone almost since the beginning.

Cesar Faison lights up a cigar on the docks.