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Perkie's Observations: Port Chuck Gives Thanks For Supervillains, Pizza and Jailed Mobsters on General Hospital

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Alexis is shocked to see Luke in the straitjacket and helps him out of it.  Luke is not happy to see Julian, or to find out Julian knew he was locked up.  Julian explains he was forced to go along with the plan to protect his loved ones.

 Duke tells Anna he was released thanks to Sonny.  Anna feels this doesn't change what Duke did in the first place.  Duke counters that Anna has no moral high ground, considering what she did to Faison.

Duke feels her methods with Faison equal his methods in giving Sonny his alibi. Anna says she was protecting her loved ones from a maniac, while Duke was protecting Sonny from a murder charge.

Anna decides they can't have a relationship anymore.  Duke tells her he'll be running Sonny's business.

Carly is worried about Sonny. He assures her he's doing alright.

Sonny is upset over losing Michael.  Carly tells him  Michael has moved into the Quartermaine mansion and has changed his name.

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Sonny digests his connection to Michael being severed. He tells Carly to go home and spend the holiday with her family.

Sam brings Danny by to see Monica. The two spend time with Michael.

Jason opens the door to Helena. She claims she's an old friend of Liz's.

 Jason says she looks familiar. Helena takes off, when he goes to get Liz.  Liz thinks he imagined the woman.

Liesl and Nathan spend Thanksgiving at Wyndemere with Britt and Nikolas.  Faison watches from the window. Helena catches him and reminds him they have a job to do.

Faison tells her to complete her own tasks.  Later, Faison shows himself to Liesl.

Sam, Patrick and the kids enjoy Thanksgiving with Liz and Jason.

Olivia, Dante and Lulu arrive at the Quartermaine mansion for Thanksgiving.  Tracy tells Lulu she hasn't told Ned the truth about Larry.  Dante tells them Faison is on the loose.

Monica tells them Cook has come down with food poisoning from the Thanksgiving meal. Alice brings in pizza. Alexis arrives with Luke.