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INTERVIEW: Days of Our Lives' Greg Vaughn and Galen Gering on Soap Romance, Sami Brady and "Church & State"

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Galen Gering and Greg Vaughn play two good men in desperate need of some loving from a couple of good women on NBC's Days of Our Lives. Ex-priest Eric can’t let go of his grudge against Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) (She found proof he was drugged and raped by Kristen DiMera but kept it to herself).

Meanwhile, troubled physical therapist Jordan Ridgeway (Chrishell Stause) gave Rafe the heave-ho after she found out he slept with his ex, Kate (Lauren Koslow). At the recent Day of DAYS fan event, the two men came up with an unexpected solution to their on screen romantic woes, discussed how Alison Sweeney’s departure will impact them and whether Rafe and Kate will ever reunite.

Daytime Confidential: Sami, who meant a great deal to both of your characters, has left town. What was it like filming your final scenes with Alison Sweeney?

Greg Vaughn: In the two and a half years that I’ve been there, I think I had maybe five scenes with Ali, so we really didn’t have a lot of time and opportunity to work together. It was sad but bittersweet to see her grow and embark on a new journey.

DC: There are still some Safe fans who think Sami should have ended up with Rafe.

Galen Gering: They’re great fans and I think it was a great story; I certainly loved working with her. We had a fantastic working relationship. On screen, I think it translated to some really cool stuff. So, like Greg said, it was bittersweet for me as well. I want to wish her well. She’s a tremendous asset to me and for the show. I enjoyed so much of that time that we spent together. Ultimately, the last scenes were difficult because, as an actor, the emotions of the personal are sort of like welling up and you have to address the characters’ choices as opposed to like, “Oh my God, you’re leaving!” But, interestingly enough, she was leaving on the show as well, so it sort of worked. But also, these two characters weren’t together so it was like, “All right. I’ll see you again.” You kind of had to play against it, at least for me, because I thought that I would see her again. That was a sort of a character choice. So you wanted to have this momentous, grand thing, but at the same time, that wasn’t really right for the scene, so it was tricky.

DC: Both of your characters right now, in terms of what’s airing, are at odds with your former love interests.  What’s next for Rafe and Eric romantically?

GG: I think Rafe and Eric need to partner up. Like, have a moment, let’s go to The Pub, throw down a pint up on the bar. That would be nice.

GV: that would be great.

GG: We could call them Church and State, since he was with the church and I’m with the police force.

DC: That is the best couple name I have ever heard.

GV: I love it.

GG: Done.

DC: They would be the most unexpected pairing in Days of Our Lives history.

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GG: What do you mean pairing? You’re not talking, like, a relationship? Where are you going with this?

GV: You know that everybody wants this. Let’s just accept it.

GG: I shaved for you today.

GV: Thanks. I appreciate that.

GG: I want to answer your question. Rafe’s trying to keep Ben out of jail to worm his way back into Jordan’s good graces. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen, but it does help a little. It does. I’m going to wear her down like water would wear down a stone.

DC: A lot of fans want Eric and Nicole to reunite. Is there a chance that the current, real-life cool Pope will inspire Eric to loosen up and forgive Nicole?

GV: You know, Eric and Nicole have been on a journey. They have a lot of history together. No matter how they are, if it’s platonic, intimate, they’re always going to be a major factor in each other’s lives. Things are going to make a turn and they’re going to go in different directions, or try to get clarity. Hopefully Eric will come to his own personal choices in life and get focused.

GG: Father Eric is the first papacy to advocate for the legalization of marijuana. Is that correct?

GV: That is correct.

GG: That’s his platform that he’s running on.

DC: Rafe and Kate had such a great relationship. Will the show revisit it?

GG: Of course.

GV: Eric’s going to jump in on it. [Laughs]

GG: I think that Kate might want you to jump in. I may even be there at the same time. She’s perverted like that.

GV: He could bring her to Church and State.

GG: We’re open for business! They have a relationship and they continue to interact. Whether or not it’s sexual, that remains to be seen if they go down that road again. It could happen at any minute. It’s like lightning in a bottle. But I really like their interaction and what happens on the canvas. I think there’s always opportunity to do some interesting stuff there.