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Y&R Actor Who Was Attacked on Thanksgiving: "I Have No Hatred For These Guys"


A 27-year-old model and actor who occasionally appears on CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless suffered a vicious Thanksgiving day attack. Corey Sligh was reportedly with his girlfriend, delivering a Thanksgiving meal to a friend who works at a West Hollywood Rite Aid, when the attack took place.

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The local CBS affiliate in Los Angeles brook the story. To watch the video click here.

Sligh was allegedly attacked after asking a reported drunk driver to slow down and stop doing donuts in the drug store's parking lot. Two suspects, who were later apprehended and confirmed to be drunk by LAPD, reportedly hit Sligh with their car and then got out and beat him severely.

Despite the horrifying ordeal, Sligh told The Wrap he doesn't hate the guys who attacked him.

“I have no hatred for these guys,” Sligh told TheWrap. “It was pretty scary [being] on the hood of that car, but I'm happy to still be able to move my neck. I'm happy to have the problem of relearning to walk instead of not being able to walk at all. I'm pretty blessed.”