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Perkie's Observations: Who Is That Masked Luke on General Hospital?

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Tracy is thrilled to see Luke, but Dante's quick to question him. Alexis explains Luke has been locked up in Miscavige since January. Someone else has been posing as him.

Tracy is upset she married an imposter. Lulu thinks this has something to do with the mask and divulges Larry is working with Jerry.

Ned questions Larry, who denies any wrongdoing. Larry runs off and Dante puts out an APB on him.

Morgan worries about the baby. Kiki assures him she's fine in the serial killer's custody, since Franco was such a good father to her for the nine minutes he thought he was.

Franco reminds Nina they need to give the baby back. He suggests they drop her off at a firehouse.

Nina wants to keep the baby. The biological parents are murderers, who don't deserve her, she insists.

Franco tries to reason with her. Nina decides she'll take the baby and go it alone.

Franco warns she won't get very far. The baby starts to cry. Franco feeds her and the two bond over the baby.

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Jordan is concerned about a large shipment of drugs coming in. She demands to know who their boss is.

Julian tells her what he told Alexis about the double Lukes. Julian tells her the boss will reach out to her when he's ready. Julian needs to leave before the police come looking for him.

Liesl and Faison have a happy reunion. She questions where he's been since he escaped from the hole.

Faison reminds her he's a wanted man and needed to stay low. Liesl tells him Anna is unworthy of his love. Faison agrees Liesl is the only woman for him. Faison promises to finish his work and the two will be able to slip away.

Britt finds them kissing. She warns she'll tell Nikolas that Faison is there. Liesl says she'll tank Britt's relationship, if her daughter ruins Liesl's reunion with Britt's father.

Liesl explains how Faison finally chose her. Britt complains about her mother once again threatening her happiness. Nikolas overhears.

Ava is unsuccessful in finding out where Franco may have taken Nina and the baby. Silas wants to check in with the police; she talks him out of it.

Silas manages to convince her to let him talk to Kiki. Silas tells their daughter he hasn't heard from with Nina or Ava. Kiki shares Ava is wanted for murder.

Luke reunites with Lulu. He realizes his double is still running around. Fluke confronts Julian.