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Perkie's Observations: Britt Tells The Truth and Shames The Mutter on General Hospital

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Luke tells Dante to have Julian arrested, since he knew Luke was at Miscavige.  Dante calls Anna and the two head over to Julian's.

 Ned complains to Olivia, but Alexis is quick to defend Julian's actions.  She points out Julian was coerced and living under threats to his family.  Alexis reminds Ned his father is involved as well.

Franco tries to be the voice of reason, but Nina pushes his fatherly buttons.  Nina convinces him Ava deserves payback for what she put them both through.  Franco worries about the police.  Nina promises they won't get caught.

Silas accuses Ava of running from the police. She claims she's hiding from Sonny, while also trying to find the baby.  Silas unsuccessfully tries to get a hold of Anna.

Ava says she has no one else to turn to and is desperate to find her daughter.  She tells Silas to go back to PC without her.  Silas agrees to help her.

Lucy is thrilled to see Duke out of Pentonville. She's certain Alexis did her job.

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 Anna tells her Duke is out thanks to Sonny.  Duke admits to Lucy he's taking over Sonny's business.

Lucy points out that Duke will be a target. Duke is determined to give Sonny the respect and honor he deserves.

Nikolas demands to know what Britt is lying about. Britt and Liesl try to distract him from it.

 Nikolas tries to get the information from Spencer. Britt finally comes clean and tells him she orchestrated Spencer's disappearance.

Tracy is upset with herself for not realizing the double wasn't Luke. She ignored so many warnings. Luke promises he isn't going anywhere.

Julian tries to ward off Fluke, who's upset at Julian for releasing Luke from Miscavige.  Julian wants to know who Fluke really is. Before Fluke has a chance to divulge the information, Dante and Anna come in, guns blazing.

Fluke tries to pretend he's Luke. Dante is quick to point out he just left Luke at the Quartermaines.

Anna disarms Fluke and pulls off his mask. She's shocked at who she sees under it.